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  1. Don't try starting with Venom, Zato (sama~), Millia or Robo Ky.

    You'll get frustrated.

    Ky is said to be "lol ez mode" because his moves are similar to your traditional shoto. However, learning to pressure with him (and that heavily involves lotsa Charged Stun Edge FRC) and using his normals isn't really that straight forward. Most of the asshats that use this statement like to abuse Stun Dipper and Greed Sever coz "lol broken moves".

    Hey, I started with Venom. Venom is a high mid tier character with no horrible matchups. I wouldn't say that he has really hard stuff, he just has a lot of stuff. People should just play who they end up liking and not cry about difficulty.


    Honestly, just play all of the characters, eventually one will really suit you, as you will say "Now THIS is the character I need to play" and you won't go back.