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  1. AlmightyGnat

    FFA Airdasher Bi-weeklies Redux! GG-BB-SG Tournaments

    I played like shit last weekend. Even Severin beat me.
  2. I'm down for free food. Also, someone teach me VS.
  3. We're all sad you missed GG.. Next time.. We'll have an epic smoke out/shit on your robo match.
  4. Also, Slops to Zong for not showing up the one week I decided to go.
  5. Props to me for showing up for the first time in like a year after having not touched fighting games since. Props to dizzying Raptor with Vomit, and landing IK. Props to Gdlk Camaro for the tourney fee hook-up. Props to Mike for IKing Jason for me.
  6. AlmightyGnat

    Burnt Toast III: Socal BB/GG/MB Monthly - Oct 23

    Format? If limited or Vintage, I'll take all of your money.
  7. There can never be enough umlauts...
  8. Gonna get down on them gears.
  9. Wednesday I will try to make it to this.
  10. AlmightyGnat

    EVO 2010 Tournament Results and Shoutouts

    So I'm not the only one.
  11. AlmightyGnat

    Official Evo 2k10 Money Match Thread

    A3R is my hero. Gotta smoke him out next time.
  12. AlmightyGnat

    EVO 2010 Caesar's Palace, July 9-11th VEGAS BABY!

    ^Dude with the modded 360 pad? I got some matches in with my CT Tager combos against you.
  13. AlmightyGnat

    EVO 2010 Caesar's Palace, July 9-11th VEGAS BABY!

    Had a great time.. It was cool seeing a bunch of people again. Too bad I didn't get to play much. Still, good shit to everyone there.
  14. I'll be there later tonight.