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  1. Question, is you name based off the of Japanese band of the same name?

  2. i just learned that you moved to japan... should have know. when i saw you play that one game on your psp, i knew it was too late. ;[

  3. i...i go there for wallpapers. :(

  4. you're not trying hard enough. don't tell me you garbage at trolling too? we'll see who's ass when cs comes out in cf. won't hurt you too bad! <3

  5. do you delete your visitor messages because they keep reminding you of reality (aka you're free)

  6. you should open both forums somewhere in december imo. most arcades should have cs by then and info whould be more readily available. bjholmes has a hazama guide up in gameplay discussion so thats good. dunno aboust tsubaki though since nobody gives a shit about her. :/

  7. brilliant green

    [CS1] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    tagers ah is garbage. if you tried to do that, you could mash 5a and hit tg out of it. better to just combo it off of ch 2c or bolt.
  8. brilliant green

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    now that i looked at it, without ib you could 720 blocked zwei c(the range is about right) and if lambda is magnetized you might be able to 360a(360b?) her due to increased mag pull which leads to 22c mixup...
  9. brilliant green

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    quote me if i'm wrong, but the tager never ib zwei c. could be useful.
  10. just curious, when will the hazama and tsubaki forums be open?

  11. brilliant green

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    not really. seems that tager has way more opportunity to close in on lambda than nu and more ways to give damage. if you take into account the nerfs lamb got and the buffs tager got(especially 22c, which will wreck lamb bad), it seems pretty good. still in your favor, but not as bad as ct nu. so yeah, you need to work for your wins now.
  12. brilliant green

    [CT] Iron Tager Video Thread

    new tager vids vs carl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esg7vhqR6O8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79JENVg0waw so srs.