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  1. This should also be relevant to this thread. Skullgirls $1k pot means I'm confirmed to go. http://www.socalregionals.com/?p=263
  2. TaoFTW

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Anyone in Socal looking for a roomie after new years? If so, then PM me.
  3. Nothing much. Let's play some 3s and ST next time we meet at GC.
  4. tl;dr TCI: TrollCal Install :3 Edit: So who's going to GC, got an unexpected day off. Edit2: Fred likely to come tonight for GG.
  5. 12 hour shift are best shifts. gl
  6. Damn, I just agreed to work today lol.
  7. Cabs play fine. iirc Myung is working on the cabs so you can plug in your own sticks/pads.
  8. Whether you like it or not you need people to start handling HR and administrative duties; this includes making accounts receivable, 1099 self-employed contractors, and people who will listen and solve conflict resolution. If you really say that you're a non-profit organization, then I would like to see some cash flow statements and/or someone doing accounts receivable. The very fact that nobody knows where 'NCI funds' are being spent/invested is troubling and shady.
  9. Shoutouts to chugging three monsters and not being able to sleep at night. Shoutouts to Espgaluda for being a hard game. Shoutouts to insomnia. Shoutouts to Qwerty for being poor and not playing Gundam with me. :p Shoutouts to Danny for not being able to play SF4AE. Shoutouts to Old Town Sushi. Shoutouts to Copperdabbit for buying me the best philly cheese steak dinner ever. Shoutouts to Myung for opening up an arcade. Shoutouts to Tushar for bringing Skullgirls and being an overall cool guy. Shoutouts to OrionXElite for trying to convince me to troll myself. Shoutouts to all you sadlives for coming to NCI.
  10. Casuals = VSAV & Coin-ops. Oh and Skullgirls. :p
  11. Clarification: SF4, MvC3 and T6 are on console only viewlix cabs; AH3 and BB will replace them. KOF, Gundam, D&D, Metal Slug, and Espgaluda are on coin-ops; play them whenever for casuals. tl;dr - play [VSAV].
  12. same company. same troll. let's watch captain america. Edit: fyi sf4, mvc3, and t6 setups are on the viewlix cabs. They will more than likely be unavailable throughout the tournament (or until brackets go to top 8). The only casual stations are the coin-ops.
  13. Let's get trolled by playing gigawing, mushihime, gundam, virtual cop, d&d, puzzle fighter, sf4, 3s and metal slug. There's also a century theaters a block down B st.; I don't mind seeing a movie. tl;dr - There are casuals apart from sadlife games. It's an arcade.
  14. Click on the lol. I thought it was pretty funny. Scroll down moderately slow and be sure to raise your volume to maximize the fun.