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  1. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    General disclaimer, like 80% of Yukari's combos (also, pressure. also, everything.) hinge on projectiles so you should understand that projectiles and their parent characters share separate hitstop. That is to say, the general combo timing might be a lot faster than you'd expect because as soon as an arrow makes contact Yukari's able to cancel off it. Other characters with mainly physical moves would be slowed down, so to speak, because hitstop will keep the character in place through every hit of a combo. Keep it in mind if you're having trouble putting together the arrow parts of her combos. Naked notations can be quite uninformative sometimes, so let me give it a shot, make a Thing and break this down as best I can. First the italics indicate changes, that I find, are necessary parts to make it work or to correct some of the vestigial notations from Before We Had The Game as Mr. Mod professed. CH 5C > 2C > j.C > jc > j.2 > dash 5B > IAD > j.B > 5B > IAD > j.B > 5B > 2 > 214A/B > 2B > superjump > j.236D~A/B/C/D j.C > jc > j.2 j.C > j.[2B] is totally possible but I'm afraid I don't have a lot of tips for you other than you have to input it quickly and precisely -- you have to jump cancel off the second hit of j.C, immediately input a downward direction and charge B at once. The trouble mostly lies in j.C since the first hit of j.C is also jump cancellable but does not have the ground bounce or the untech of the second hit. So, if you rush it, oops no ground bounce; if you wait too long, oops too little time to charge j.2B. So my general advice would be to get a really good feeling for that second hit because you're gonna get a lot of mileage from that anyway. j.2 > dash 5B At midscreen, you have to dash 5B immediately as soon as you recover, as far as I can tell.The j.[2B] bounce pushes them a little far. So a non-dash 5B would hit too far and too low for the rest of the combo to continue. Also take care that you aren't holding the 5B at all. The game might still register a slight charge SINCE YOU CAN DO THAT. 5B > IAD j.B stuff Usually the timing for the first 5B iAD is immediate IAD -> late j.B. Then the second 5B iAD is late IAD -> late j.B. You're generally aiming to shoot as you fall from the airdash so they're always a little delayed. The iAD timings are determined by your distance from the opponent and their height from the ground. The logic essentially goes: immediate iAD if far, delayed iAD if close as long as they're high enough. Also, you don't have to do the second iAD rep and simply proceed to the [2B] > bomb part if you find the iAD parts too unwieldy. Only the first iAD is strictly necessary to continue the combo. After that it's pretty smooth sailing, but don't hesitate to ask. Again keep the disclaimer above in mind. You're always timing the next cancel based on when that arrow actually hits. ---- Oh, and I tried tinkering briefly with the 5AAA > 214D combo and I honestly haven't really deciphered it so I can't help you there. But hey, I hope you found that wall helpful.
  2. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Q & A Thread

    SEMI-INTERESTING TIDBIT: pressing the button again after setting a Magaru (towards the end of Yukari's recovery) actually decelerates the orb and has it stay in place. The window's a little finicky, if you press too early nothing happens and too late and you'll get ~unintended consequences. Like 214D -> 5D too late and you'll just lose the magaru and set 5D. Kind of a weird feature to have but it's cool I guess since you can set the orb and not have to chase it.
  3. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    Yeah, it's really for the swag unfortunately. It's not like Yukari has trouble getting meter as it is.
  4. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    re: sweep whiff, unfortunately after some testing you need to do the autocombo through the special to get both meter and burst. I was doing ... j.B -> 5B -> sweep -> 5AAA -> bomb -> 5B -> j.B -> dj.236D~X to approximate the [2B] bomb route's damage but that only got the meter boost. To really get the most out of it you have to go for autocombo all the way, sacrificing more damage and getting only the Charm ender to boot. altho seeing it working off crouching A confirms makes it seem like it is indeed a worthwhile route to use.
  5. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Gameplay Discussion

    anyone tried finding any Shadow Yukari tech? a) the max damage tornado -> double arrow super ender could lead straight into an SB tornado unblockable reset as they land. The damage put together rivals the Shadow Chie/Mitsuru damage bursts but unfortunately it seems it is highly inconsistent and difficult to compensate for every tech direction to create a true unblockable blockstring b) otherwise, she seems to favour going extra ham on the tornados. she gets a pretty tight tornado off any flip ender by omb-ing the flip -> land tornado. the special rampage cancel rules mean she can special/super cancel AoA on block and has some tighter cancels off 5C. so it's (theoretically) likely that she can keep the opponent blocking SB tornado after SB tornado. only problem is blue chip damage in rampage is A LOT smaller than normal for some reason.
  6. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    I think it's quite useful since sweep whiff goes into autocombo, letting you build a bit of extra meter/burst and it hardly sacrifices any damage. I haven't personally had the awareness to actually use it though since the optimal height/spacing for the route is a little bit more stringent than the default iAD j.B -> 5B -> [2B] -> bomb route I think. Edit: I take it back, sweep whiff is mad hype AS IF HER COMBOS WEREN'T ALREADY REALLY IMPRESSIVE. I'd ideally default to sweep whiff for the midscreen CH confirms as soon as you burst. All your low confirms are auto-combo too -- having like > 60% of your confirms build burst sounds like a great gameplan to me.
  7. stinkymonz

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    So some characters like Jam, Dizzy and Axl visually always get knocked face-down but the wiki lists a face-up wakeup time for them. On (what should be) face-up knockdowns do they wake up with the time listed on the wiki, just that the sprite is always face-down or do they really always default to face-down wakeup in terms of frames?
  8. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Gameplay Discussion

    Sweep 5D gives her a quick wakeup DP tag and one shot at mixup. Corner SB arrow also gives her a quick airdash mixup off spin state. Off throws a running j.D also seems to give her an airdash mixup. She's speedy enough that she can do the AoA/bomb toss 5A mixup occasionally even without Mahagarula support. She also has a iAD j.B RC crossup mixup which might always be a crossup-recrossup ie not a real mixup as long as you react to the iAD. She looks like she has potential for tech traps as well, with the unblockable air bomb and all the arrows capable of redirection.
  9. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys - General Discussion

    WELL in the stream archives Kurushii just posted, Sorashido demonstrated that the CV-impractical 214A RC iAD j.A fuzzy is actually now practical! In the corner: iAD j.A j.2B land 5B 2B aircombo stuff WORKS PERFECTLY WELL also lol the bull absorbs half the hits of Yukari's mahagarula lolol Slabs cheesy Awakening super > Yukari's cheesy Awakening super
  10. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys - General Discussion

    http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22549927 aaaaa - 2A 5B 2A+B 5C can be extended midscreen with hop-cancel j.2B!!! - 5A 5B and j.A j.B both combo on standing now - corner full laser hit combo does 4.7k meterless and goes straight into - a rather evil 5C -> 236C + jump-back j.B safe jump corner oki - bull normals can cancel on whiff as well as on hit basically, she's crazy buffed now that she not only gets more damage than before but she has the impunity to force various kinds of mixup on knockdown but more importantly on block. being able to get a meterless confirm off the high in the basic airdash j.A/land 2A mixup + hop-cancel j.2B midscreen combo routes are just the icing.
  11. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys - General Discussion

    Hi Kilvear! How have you been? Didn't know you picked up Slabs too! anyway dropping this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtHne9vxKMY completely forgot that she has j.2B now being able to have 5C sandwich oki midscreen on command will be amazing, and if your back is far enough away from the corner you can actually hide the bull off-screen aaaaaaa looks like bull normals are special and super cancellable while specials are super-cancellable just like a normal character SB Brutal Impact (which... exists?) does 1.8k minimum (P4U A does 900 and B does ~1.4) Titano 8C 5C routes still workable, so probably anything using that in P4U can be adapted in P4U2 by using TK j.214B to link 8C -> 5C instead of like sj.B j.214A
  12. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys - General Discussion

    omg Kilvear, are you the same Singaporean Kilvear? and you can see the new j.214A+C knockdown combo here. there's another Slabs match earlier that also shows at about 4:01~ that shows C command grab does poison ie yay they kept the status effects on those!
  13. stinkymonz

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys - General Discussion

    well let's start this thread off then. it is very apparent to see the persona move cancelling in these matches here. Seems like the rule is the bull can special cancel its normals. and that's already showing some really interesting applications: 5C -> 214C oki for what looks like a meaty earthquake, although it seems it is not low anymore unfortunately. 5C -> 236C looks like it could be incredibly good for pressure and possibly for combos off a 5C starter, I imagine you can chain consecutive mixups on block during this sequence. also note, command grab startup is super fast (3:29), lasers even EX have reduced startup, 8C recovery is reduced, 2C might be faster startup too?
  14. stinkymonz

    ACR Millia - Combo Lists & Discussion

    I've been having a ton of trouble with the throw combos listed for Baiken and Bridget, just wanted to drop my solution for them and offer a possible alternative, and like me you can't find the patience to grind the j.2H land 2H route. throw r.5K 6P(1) [L] jc j.K j.H adc j.2H [L] j.236P. the main problems are getting the initial r.5K to be the right timing/spacing (which seems to be getting the deepest 5K, but Baiken's hitbox seems to be a little more lenient on this point) and delaying the 6P(1) jc enough (which is what makes the j.K j.H work), but after that point the timing sorts itself right out and it's incredibly straightforward. and yeah, everything should work in both corner and midscreen. I'm finding it a worthwhile grind also because it is incredibly easy to adjust for use on other problematic characters where it might be difficult to get an easy throw s(f) 2H jc j.H adc j.H adc j.2H knockdown like Dizzy (I think i'm not used to the jump-cancel timing on far slash but anyway), Robo-Ky and Johnny. And hey, I tend to find it easier when I don't have too many different starters/timings to worry about, at least at this initial point anyway. Robo-Ky: r.5K 6P(2) jc j.S j.H adc j.H adc j.2H(2) j.236P Dizzy: r.5K 6P(1) [L] jc j.K j.H adc j.H adc j.2H Johnny: r.5K 6P(1) [L] jc j.K j.S j.H adc j.2H(2) [L] j.236P also: omg I didn't realise, hi Mitsurugi! edit: grinded out the far slash jump cancel, and found, with the same principle of late-jump-cancelling the far slash, another incredibly straightforward throw combo on Baiken and Bridget: throw r.5S(f) [L] fjc j.K j.S adc j.2H [L] j.236P
  15. I'm sort of trying to find a quick early-match midscreen OD combo for Plat, that would function the same way Litchi, Ragna or Noel can. Like Noel can do something like standing 5B 5C odc dash 5B 5C 5D 623D for at least 3k midscreen off something she wouldn't have gotten anything out of otherwise. You guys think Plat has anything like that? I've been messing around but it seems like there's little a midscreen odc can give her. gatling into 3C odc knocks back way too far, other odcs don't seem to allow anything much better than she would've gotten otherwise. Goal would be to get a 6C or 2C you wouldn't get otherwise, I suppose. I just want to be able to get 2 ODs in a round like the grown-ups do ;_;