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  1. Dyne

    [CT] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Apologies if this thread was specifically for actual pro's but I do have some watcheable Tager footage of myself playing (decently, I think) if it pleases anyone. I'll be posting more much more often when I get the chance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D28a9bTMIE&feature=channel_page&fmt=18 There's a few more but this is the most recent one.
  2. Dyne

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    bad tagers? itt? whuar?! jC is so fun, that and mashing 5A on Nirvana when a Carl seems so fixated on getting her out not realizing it's free opportunity to DC her.
  3. Dyne

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Many, sometimes in a clutch many Jins, Rachels, and occasionally Arakune will attempt to projectile their way to win and Spark Bolt will reign supreme, it's uncommon but not too hard to pull it off if you time it just right. I also need spark bolt to magnetize at all, personally, if you are desperate, magnetize your opponent by any means necessary and the wave of battle shifts in your complete favor~
  4. Dyne

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    Great technique. Thanks.
  5. Dyne

    [CT] Iron Tager Buffering 360 & 720

    Absolutely. Pretty much one of the best opportunities I find (and sadly, usually the room-breaking since players leave) is landing a nice 720 to punish teching.
  6. Dyne

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    Thanks to this thread, I have a nearly unstoppable Tager. (Well, maybe he's not too shabby). It made destroying people at AnimeExpo so viciously fun. Nothing beats connecting 720's during a tech and securing victory once opponent is magnetized. I'm debating maining Tager now instead of Arakune. (Although I needed to take a break and get some Dudley 3s action going. Look forward to seeing some of you again at AX next year. The competition was definitely fierce there.)