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  1. 2 GB Combo

    Yoch Town Throw Down! BBCS2 Tournament! 07-16 Antioch, CA

    I'll be back from Europe in time for this event, so I'll be showing up to this.
  2. So at what time does this start exactly? Also I can bring a CRT+PS2 setup. I may also bring a xbox+CS2, but I don't have a monitor, but I'll probably bring it just in case.
  3. I can bring my yomi set if a side tournament happens. That way mirror matches won't be too much of an issue.
  4. I play regular Sion, not V. Sion.
  5. Yeah your just going crazy, I remember beating you with Millia.
  6. No, I was playing Millia last ranbat.
  7. 2 GB Combo

    [CS2] Noel CS1 -> CS2 Changlog

    Well if j.4d is as fast as everybody is making it sound, then we maybe could use it as an anti anti-air. It could potentially scare opponents to not attempt anti-airs. But 5C being jump cancelable on block just helps Noel pressure be safer and have just more options in general.
  8. I've never had any problems with his defense, but his offense has always been quite strong. o-o I think he has difficulty with reversals, if I had to guess, because you use Noel's pseudo reversals quite well, and Bang doesn't really have a reversal for Hakumen.

  9. lol, i know, its just that Vineeth went onto my account and posted that you were free, so I just edited it, Vineeth has gotten a lot better recently. But wait, did you say Vineeth's defense is bad? Because it's the opposite for me, his offense could use some work and his defense could be toned down a bit(but maybe that's cuz I play Noel and Noel has no mixups what so ever, but w/e)

  10. His offense is amazing. His defense is non-existant. And he panics. :[ So much potential.

  11. Vineeth is free, don't you agree.

  12. hi how are doing....................

  13. 2 GB Combo

    [CS2] Noel Changelog Loketest 1-5

    I'm so glad to hear that her abare was increased, it was so frustrating too take a huge risk with a crappy normal like 5a and and get 2k off of it. Hopefully these changes will stick, Noel players deserve a good character after the shit we went through in CS1.