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  1. Hello, I'm one of the few people who really wants the +R wiki to be completed.

    I hope you don't mind if I transcribe a bit of your ABA guide into it (obviously not word for word). Looks like you haven't been active for nearly a year, so I'm going to go ahead and do some of it. Thanks!

  2. Kaizen

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Microdash GF is best performed by doing 2366P. You're essentially doing a dashing gunflame, not dashing, stopping, then doing Gunflame. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Found another combo, which is more for practicality than stupid damage like the last one. This one's about getting out of the corner, and putting the opponent in the corner. xx 2D BR(1) RC |> dash 2H j.D, j.D |> Fafnir, dash 6P, 5H j.D Kudakero |> 6P, (6H or (5H) BR) Shoutouts to Gelsey/@ArtificialSol for recording and posting without me even asking. It costs 50 meter, but is very much worth it, and I prefer it over the xx 2D BR(2) RC, airdash j.S j.K, j.D |> dash j.K j.S dj.S j.H VV, because I tend to end up crossing the opponent back up when it carries corner to corner. This puts them in it if you're cornered, it's generally pretty easy. Alternate version: xx 2D BR(1) RC |> dash 2H j.D, j.D |> Fafnir, dash c.S 6P 6H (HVV) Works on everybody, but Zato, Venom, Ram, Axl, and I-no need some specific variations. General Alternate: xx 2D BR(1) RC |> dash 5K 2H j.K dj.D, j.D |> Fafnir, dash 6P, 5H j.D Kudakero |> 6P, (6H or BR) I-no and Axl specific variations: xx 2D BR(1) RC |> dash 5K 2H j.K dj.D, j.D |> dash j.D, delay dj.D Kudakero |> 6P, (6H or BR) Zato specific, still works on others: xx 2D BR(1) RC |> dash 5K 2H j.D, j.D |> Fafnir, GF, 6P, (6H or BR) Ram and Venom: Still testing. Against Elphelt, Millia, May, and I-no, you have to delay the dash 2H very slightly. If you buffer the dash for when you land, then you'll end up backdashing. Delaying it just enough allows you to dash. If you don't dash, you'll face towards the corner, but the 2H will autocorrect as the opponents passes over you. Same with even 5K. Enjoy.
  3. Kaizen

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    I came back to Xrd after taking a brief hiatus, and had an idea after watching Mugen vs Kabegiwa with corner crossup setups. Mugen was occasionally mixing in BB (YRC) post corner crossup setup, but I don't remember off the top of my head what his followup to it was. It simply wasn't doing that much damage, though, so I came up with this (against standing opponents): https://twitter.com/DQRF52/status/635192669963026432 Crossup into corner j.K |> 2H RS, airdash (crossunder) j.D |> Fafnir, > BB, dash 2H (jc) j.D Kudakero |> 6P (,) 6H {253 on Sol} > BB, dash j.K j.D Kudakero |> 6P (,) 6H {281 on Millia} > BB, dash 6P c.S 6P (,) 6H {261 on Zato} > Airdash j.S j.K, j.D |> dash j.D Kudakero |> 6P (,) 6H {240 on Sol} > dash 6P, 5H (jc) j.D Kudakero |> 6P (,) 6H {240 on Sol} > dash f.S 5H (hjiad) j.P j.H HVV {224 on Sol} > Airdash j.S j.K, j.D |> Fafnir, dash 5K/c.S 6P (,) 6H {260 on Zato/Ram. Works on Leo...still testing for compatibility} Works on Sol, Ky, Millia, Zato, Venom, Slayer, I-no, Bedman, Ram, Sin, and Leo. It's pretty high damage for a corner crossup setup and leads back into it guaranteed, unlike the wonky results I got from [oki GF YRC IAD |> dash under 5K (jc) j.K dj.D, j.D |> j.D dj.D Kudakero...]. It doesn't work on everybody because the RS won't connect against short characters or ones who lean back too far when hit (Faust, Chipp, May, Axl, Pot, Elphelt. It doesn't matter how deep you hit the j.K, 2H > RS won't connect ). It has varying ranges of difficulty, in that certain characters require the j.K be as close to the ground as possible, while others it doesn't matter as long as the 2H combos. Certain characters' reeling animations can make the RS fail to combo. Lenient: I-no, Bedman, Sin, Leo Moderate: Sol, Venom, Slayer Difficult: Ky, Millia Extremely difficult: Ram (You pretty much need to be right off the ground with j.K) What makes this nasty is how you can set it up. Post 6H GF Feint, you can immediately follow with BR YRC. this makes the crossup extremely difficulty to react to.If Sol started the BR from a moderate distance, as the opponent wakes up, Sol will not have crossed up the opponent yet, but he will generally be positioned on the other side within moments of the opponent losing their wakeup invulnerability. This, combined with the ability to negate the crossup by not delaying the 6P > 6H knockdown, makes this a potentially horrifying threat when Sol puts the opponent in the corner. Alas, the setup loses to mashing faster anti airs (Sol's 5K will beat it), autocorrected reversals (haven't been able to test this. Also fuck you Leo), and to BS. You can beat BS attempts by doing empty jump 5K/2K > 2H > RS, and it'll lead to the same followups, though obviously prorated (Use 5K if they don't predict the crossup, 2K to beat BS). But this comes with the added benefit of working on the additions of Faust, Axl, Pot, and Elphelt. If that doesn't seem like enough incentive, the characters that the j.K setup fails on will still work if you spend 50% to RC the 2H into Riot Stomp. I still think this is pretty insane for a corner crossup, especially since it puts them back in the corner after wallbouncing them on the other end of the screen (as with standard RS crossunder combos, but how many of those start with an ambiguous crossup?) I'd like to make a video of this to make it clearer, but I don't have any recording equipment. Fortunately, I've got a little extra income, so I may purchase such a device soonish. Have fun. EDIT: Something stupid I discovered, but j.K 2D RS works on May. Problem is, since she's already airborne by the time RS connects, she gets launched so high that the best you can follow up with is airdash j.H HVV(1). It's damage, but it doesn't put her back in the corner.
  4. Warp warp warp wa-*thrown*

  5. Kaizen

    Nesica x Live Arrives at Round 1 (UPDATED)

    From what I understand, the machines are running, but not all of the games are installed. Supposedly, everything should be in and ready today, as I've read thirdhand. I'd like to be down there tomorrow night. If not, then possibly Sunday, as there is a tournament at UGC on Saturday. If you see a guy in a hat and glasses arguing about Perfektewelt vs Ausf. Achse, or just attempting to mash at Nitro+ Blasterz or AC if they still have it set up on the side, hit me up.
  6. Kaizen

    Nesica x Live Arrives at Round 1 (UPDATED)

    This is big news for the Western Arcade scene, which for the last several months has essentially been on life support, with Super Arcade currently in limbo and all other significant arcades in the Southern California region having died in the last few years. I urge anybody within driving distance to make frequent stops. Round 1 may be closer to Dave and Busters than the majority might be comfortable with, but rest assured, the arcade has games worth playing already, serving to the majority of the fgc crowd with SFIV and Tekken, but with cyclings of our own flavors with BBCS, GGAC, and even HnK and Chaos Code! Do your part and keep this thing alive! When everything gets installed, the list will go on to include older games we've NEVER had access to, including Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Perfektewelt, Chaos Breaker, GUNSLINGER STRATOS (!!), and plenty of others. While GG is not on the NESiCA system, there's plenty of other faire worth trying. GET OUT THERE AND ROCK
  7. "Seriously guys, humble pie is misleading and annoying as heck around here, especially since we're pretty much preaching to the choir about good competitive gameplay. (Meaning: there's already a forum full of good players here, so why say you're 'not good' when in reality you're better than average casual players?)" Somebody is preaching about the mentality of humility is annoying. I took this as "you're better than casual, so stop showing humilty because it's annoying". Telling somebody of a competitive mindset to stop being humble because you don't like it is in a similar vein of calling somebody a tryhard with the intent of putting them down.
  8. There's no problem with enjoying a game however you see fit. The most enjoyment I'm ever going to personally glean from Starcraft is from filling the stage with Protoss Cannons; I don't care about my APM or build orders, and have other games I already devote more time to than I can probably afford. What I have a problem with is being told that, apparently, the way I play games isn't fun. Fun is obviously subjective and I'm not going to expand on this argument when I've seen it over a hundred times. This clearly wasn't anybody's intention here, but when you come from a Smash background, trust me when I say it's a lot more prominent for casual players to outright state "You're better at this game than me, but you take a game seriously, so you're beneath me" (despite having no knowledge of my lifestyle whatsoever). It's turned into a kind of reflex. I once had a melee match that came out of me running into the player who had knocked me into losers bracket. My execution in that game is pretty piss-poor, and due to some stupid technicality, I had to beat him in two sets despite him already being in losers bracket with me. The game was so exhausting for me that after I won the set I literally could not stand for several minutes (the fact that we had to stand at the setup for half an hour didn't help). I find that kind of trial an unparalleled enjoyment, and I'm not going to get that from mashing with the majority of my buddies who don't understand the significance of using Faultless Defense, but it is obviously not for everyone. Anybody got any nasty pools for EVO? We've got a local Sin player whose first matchup is Nage, so I spent about four hours last night airthrowing him. It probably didn't help.
  9. "Average Casual Players" in netplay is the worst possible measure of skill imaginable. Using the lowest common denominator as a metric is the best way to ruin any intention of improving. If your goal is to be better than average, then you're not setting your bar very high. Let me tell you a story. Way before I started playing Guilty Gear, before I even played fighting games competitively, I did fencing. Did it for four years. Quit for a variety of reasons, and while I never found another physically demanding competitive activity to fill its gap, I gained plenty of insight comparing my current competitive career to back when I was a naive high school kid. My coach was inevitably upset that I left, concerning how he once told my folks that he "didn't want to see my physical talent go to waste". I don't think I ever even told him directly why I was quitting, and I feel terrible about it, but that's besides the point. One of my first instructors once told me of the word Kaizen. It is, of course, a Japanese term: indicative of the ideology of "Continuous, unending improvement". Even if the only metric you have is others, when you begin demolishing every opponent who walks into your dinky corner of the world, what's next? You can either stagnate by patting yourself on the back for being "good enough", or you can move up and find that your pond of mediocrity gets swallowed by the ocean of talent in every corner of the world. I had to forcibly overcome an unearned sense of arrogance that came from that naivety, and a steady diet of humility is the perfect remedy to that toxic mentality. If it's good enough for you to be above average, fine. But don't preach to those of us who want to take it as far as we can.
  10. "Man, this place is weird. People like Overture here!" 4. Music References Somebody asked about Leo's, but I forgot the name of the band. He'd probably answer these one a time if they were asked, but he's not going to explain all of them in a single question, and I doubt he's going to make any sort of public statement or even in-game info about it. He might have forgotten some considering some moves are from 98, but he seems pretty passionate about it, so who knows? 7. BBxGG when? + 50. Other Mori collaborations? "When Mori finishes BlazBlue and I finish Guilty Gear, then we'll make a crossover" ...BB's nearing completion, but there's a ways to go for Guilty. It'll be a while. 8. Overture remake? He's stated in another instance (I think it was an interview) that he's interested in at least working on Overture again. Considering I told him I liked it, I also did so with the hope that he might want to try again. 10. Advice for those pushing themselves to make great art/music/games? He gave a typical, humble jpn game dev answer: "I can't give much advice, but if I can do it, so can you." 17. Daisuke hates Soul Calibur Respect 18. Would you bridge casual/competitive ideals? He's also stated before (no source again, sorry), that part of the reason why he likes making the game more difficult is because it's more rewarding to pull off. That's an entirely different topic in terms of risk/reward, depth, and the like, but gleaning from this answer, the response would likely amount to "no". 22. Bridget's Brother when? + ALL FUTURE STORY QUESTIONS A: He's obviously not going to answer questions like these. This is future story material which is NDA territory. He said the same thing this time, "we can't answer those questions" That's what I can give you based on what he's said before. FUCK They probably know already. I think one of the JPN players discovered it and posted on Twitter. I also wanted to ask if he was aware of Minus R, but BDSM questions take precedence
  11. When I said I liked Overture, he was shocked, like 0: When I asked about BDSM, he was shocked, like D:
  12. On topic: Hella hyped for Xrd@Evo, despite the stupidity that is the proximity OS. Wish I could have gone, but tried registering too late, and I have somehow been ill for the last four weeks. As somebody who came to Guilty out of a Smash background, I could give you pages of reasons why Melee is full of issues from a design and player perspective. But rather, I think I'll just give you a relatively short list of pros and cons. Pros: -Speed. Incredibly fast paced at higher levels of play. Adds to hype. -Freedom of movement. Analog movement control along with airdodging, fast falling, aerial movement, etc. gives the game more freedom than you'd really expect. I don't give a shit if you can triangle jump, Wavedashing is literally triangle jumping before you leave the ground, resulting in the momentum transferring into a slide. -Combo game. The entire combo theory revolves around being able to read the opponent mid-combo. Where will he DI? Will he tech? Combos in Melee are few and far inescapable. Most Melee combos involve a lot of reads and usually some resets. Similar in concept to KI: try to escape the combo at the wrong time, get fucked. Cons: -Discrepancy between standard and high level play. DI (Directional Influence), SDI, L-Cancelling, Short Hopping, Out of Shielding, Wavedashing, etc. is a list of movements and techniques that range from useful to suicide if you're unaware of them. This is the hidden information which you have to dig to understand, because you won't find them in the manual or how-to-play, and the chance that you'll discover them on your own are next to nothing. -Combo game: At the same time, some combos in the game are downright stupid easy. Chainthrows (Repeatedly throwing, as Smash allows grabbing opponents both airborne and in hitstun) range from impossible to braindead. Some characters can do huge combos blindfolded, others don't have a combo game. At all. -Terrible move design. Moves are unsafe on hit at certain percentages (Luigi rocket, some Smash attacks, Shiek's chain, etc). Some hitboxes make no sense (Jigglypuff's Bair (Back aerial normal) has three times the range of its animation, Kirby's air sideB is a spinning hammer attack, yet only hits laterally, above, and below). -Horrible Balance. Nearly a third of the game's matchups are borderline 9-1 or unwinnable. Characters on the bottom rung have multitudes of weaknesses and will almost never be considered viable. -Stage design: Just under 80% of the game's stages are banned from tournament play due to making certain types of play insurmountable/introducing stupid levels of chance/noticeably lagging the game's performance. You wanna play Temple? Cool. Somebody will pick Fox, laser you once, and then run away for 8 minutes. Have fun. Others: -Mixup scenario is vastly different from normal fightans. No crossup/high-low game is offset by shield decay (your shield shrinks the longer you hold guard, doesn't recover as soon as you let go, letting go of shield has recovery, has guard crush). No auto-turn goes in hand with moves working in either direction. -Community. Despite the best of them being great (Cancer Research Funding!), some of the worst are some of the worst. Constant controller throwing, destruction of property, and crying over nothing. A lifetime supply of salt. -Hype? Sometimes Hype. Sometimes not hype.