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  1. A strong way to utilize melee is as punishment for certain gaps. During boostdash startup you cannot step, so aiming to melee that post-BD gap is very powerful. For example, at mid-range, if both you and your opponent would normally do a BR, boost dash, BR style of engagement. If your opponent does BR, boostdash forward, BR as an aggressive play, your response of BR, boostdash towards them (7/9) 6B can often win. This is especially effective when you are feigning retreat, say by boost dashing away, in order to get the opponent to give chase. This straight up loses if they choose to respect that zone, wait-and-see, or bait melees, obviously, but hopefully this is a useful example of how entering space with melee during certain timings can be a strong gamble. Also note that this kind of thing works even with average melees, and is a great thing to throw out especially when you don't have very good subtle options (for example, as a 2K being assaulted by a 3K in burst). Like fighting games, it's a useful gambit based on reading your opponent's mental state (aggressive / overcommitted) With regards to opponents rainbowstepping, note that you can only rainbowstep while in a melee (or various BC etc) state, so if you're having trouble getting your melee rainbowstep'd, they're probably attempting to melee you already. If you know you're going to get into a rainbowstep war and want to bail out, rainbow fuwastep backwards into main / amekyan / etc is a good soft way try and escape. Can lose to suits with insanely strong closing distance though.
  2. brett_

    EVO 2015 GGXXAC+R Singles Results

    Since it's madcatz stream I was under the impression they will upload their own archives of it. If not, I will try and get a hold of them and upload them personally.
  3. brett_

    EVO 2015 GGXXAC+R Singles Results

    Sorry, fixed that for you Nagai orz
  4. brett_

    EVO 2015 GGXXAC+R Singles Results

    1. Makkii (DI) 2. Kedako (MA) 3. TAKA (AN) 4. Kuni (BA, SL) 5. Fakku! Brice (PO) 5. Fiestamente (TE) 7. See me In +R (SL) 7. Mike Z (PO) 9. HamaOrder 9. Teyah 9. Doren2K 9. pochp 13. 30F|RaptorIIC 13. PhaethonH 13. 30F|Esnuwin 13. dakanya 17. 30F|www.keeponrock.in 17. orrax 17. 30F| Alta 17. Nagai 17. Easko 17. Eshi 17. Lofo 17. Danny Kuang 25. moneypants 25. Thanh 25. BoyKa OSC 25. RS 25. Wings 25. Dragok 25. LukeR 25. GojiB 33. IceTrap 33. tronzilla 33. Nope 33. ZeroHour 33. Delta 33. Wyvern 33. Blitz 33. Yuri 33. Ryd 33. NTRthur 33. Krakhan 33. KCs NOTOR1OUS 33. Flubsy 33. Nostalgic 33. LGOD X 33. Turbovec 49. Sanchez 49. Juliocrivera 49. Granola 49. Foo 49. TTN 49. Ral 49. NICHH 49. Bruntski 49. Macto 49. CDeezy 49. Deadspike 49. Apollo 49. wne 49. SixMachine 49. Tari 49. 801 JoJo 65. BenRad 65. Waifu Warrior Azure 65. Bang Camaro 65. CT Warrior 65. Kitsoru 65. Darcias 65. Yonamine 65. Constantine 65. BionicFraud 65. Klimas 65. Winty 65. Katana- 65. SamiFish 65. CTRL-ALT-WTF 65. cradle 80. Tsubasa 80. Dingo 80. NastyNate 80. huber
  5. It's also worth noting that form 3's side BC, and special movement BC, are both extreeeeeemely good. Also his 8B and Boost Dash Melee are both pretty godlike.
  6. Stream (starts at 4PM PST): twitch.tv/norcaldogfight Twitter: twitter.com/norcaldogfight
  7. Updated the thread to add a google document form for pre-registering. This keeps the information much more organized and is easier to follow / format. If you have already pre-registered in the thread, you do NOT need to use the form. Preregister here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bZLHZYtufmVE-17fgSD51t2TzwOh71srCmzB38EVREw/viewform?usp=send_form
  8. If you're officially requesting A.Exia as part of your pre-reg team, then we will guarantee it. If you just want it there for casuals, I can't guarantee but a bunch of PS3s will probably have him
  9. Thank you for everyone who participated and supported this year's EVO EXVSFB tournament! I'm overally very proud at how much the average level of play was compared to previous years. Hope to see you again next year as always! I will have the VODs posted as soon as I can, but for now here is the full bracket / results: Top 8 Bracket: http://ubw.challonge.com/evo2015_exvsfb_top8 Pools: http://ubw.challonge.com/evo2015_exvsfb_pools 1. Full Boost Kusoge (yoyolon/lastinnovator) - FAUC/Sandrock 2. TOP GUN (ABC|SSOSunhawk/LukewarmHoliday) - Deathscythe/Re-GZ, Norn/Deathscythe 3. Rocket League (WhiteDevil/Tari) - FAUC, Norn, Master / F91 4. snipers can unga? (AcidAce/TheBiter) - FAUC, Qanta / Cherudim 5. Kawaii Superfriends (30F|RaptorIIC/30F|Yaozzer) 5. Sugoi Boys NT-R Club (30F|FriendlyFire/30F|Kobesama) 7. Erogee (yamatox/orewagundam119) 7. Overheat (yoyoma36/PurpleTitan) 9. The Bunker (Nitsuano/Xenosynth) 9. PetaBread (Moritoshi/Gundam8th) 9. Sinanjews Did 9/11 (30F|Teyah/30F|www.keeponrock.in) 9. Gundam Fighters (OrderShar/ShouAhl) 13. gundam niggas (guiseppe/klimax) 13. P2W (30F|Alta/30F|Esnuwin) 13. Last Minute (Steelbeowulf/Ochi) 13. Rocket Gundam (Breakers_Prime/Shingin) 17. Soubishitai (Richard/Kevin Zheng) 17. Jellyfish Pirates 17. Wild Stallions 17. UnlimitedRuleBook (dakanya/magz) 17. G Reco Was Okay 22. Jabooty Dubs (Wyvern/Yanabu) 22. Team 2IQ (2IQ|Discount Marx/2IQ|Moth-man) ============== Our fourth annual Gundam EXVS Side Tournament at EVO will be continuing its tradition this year as well! If you're unaware of what Evo is, it's the largest fighting game tournament in the world, held annually in Las Vegas. For more information, refer to the official site: http://evo.shoryuken.com/ We will be running POOLS this year, so pre-registering is extremely recommended! Please be sure to read the details below for a better understanding! Pads are fully allowed, but please mention if you are using pad when pre-registering to help ensure a smooth tournament experience! Details Entry: $10 per team Format: Double Elimination, Matches are 2/3, with Winners, Losers, and Finals being 3/5 Pot Split: 70/20/10 (per team) - Additional $220 Pot Bonus courtesy of Team ABC! . Seeding: Yes (Region and Skill) Map: Side 7 lock DLC: See below for details on DLC Character / Burst lock: On win only Time Out: In the case of a time-out, a rematch occurs. Stream: http://twitch.tv/thebrett Pre-registration By pre-registering, your team is guaranteed to be on the bracket and properly seeded (by region, skill, etc). This gives you an advantage in the bracket, as compared to last-minute entrants. I will also be taking pool assignment requests on a first come first serve basis if you have game / schedule conflicts, etc. We will be announcing the pool assignments on Day 1, meaning you'll know which pool and what time to show up. This means less waiting for you, and an easier work flow for us. If you are using a DLC suit and you pre-reg before July 13th, we will guarantee that suit is available for you. Please use the following form to preregister: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bZLHZYtufmVE-17fgSD51t2TzwOh71srCmzB38EVREw/viewform?usp=send_form We are no longer taking pre-reg via forum post. Please use the above link to pre-reg, thank you! DLC This year, DLC makes up a very large quantity of playable suits. We are not banning any DLC, but not all DLC is guaranteed to be available. The following suits will tentatively be guaranteed on every console: Banshee Norn, Sandrock, EX-S, and Re-GZ. If you wish to play other DLC suits, we recommend pre-registering. Any DLC suits requested while pre-registering before July 13th will be guaranteed to be accessible at EVO. Currently guaranteed DLC: Full Armor Unicorn Sandrock Banshee Norn Blitz ReGZ Strike Rouge Gold Frame Mina Don't have a partner? If you're looking for a partner, please post the following information if possible: Name (Region) - Suit Name A (Cost) / Suit Name B (Cost) / Preferred Role: We do partner searching on-site, but this is a good way to get a head start. We'll do our best to try and suggest players of compatible suits etc. Schedule Day 1 - Casuals 8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals 4:00 PM - Tentative NO-HUD Tournament \o/ 11:00 PM - End Day 2 - Team Tournament, Post Tourney Exhibition (if we have time) 8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals 11:00 AM - Pool 1 & 2 START 1:30 PM - Pool 3 & 4 START 4:00 PM - Top 8 10:00 PM - End Equipment List Please post or contact me if you can help contribute equipment! We especially are in need of monitors, as many as we can get!!! Brett - 1 Full Setup + 2 Monitors (full DLC) Dakanya - 1 Full Setup (full DLC) magz - 1 PS3 Tsubasa - 1 PS3 Aug - 1 PS3 (full DLC) White Devil - 1 PS3 (full DLC) AcidAce: 1 PS3 TheBiter: 1 Full Setup CT_Warrior: 1 Monitor Yon702: 5 Monitors Players Looking For A Partner Breaker_Prime (EC) - Front: DX / Quanta / God; Back: Freedom / Luna; Preferred Role: Front
  10. Honestly cant remember by just the description, I'd need to read the JP, but its possible that you might be trying to enter a room that has banned your connection quality. Also it does give you messages when you d/c informing you that you've received a penalty for disconnecting (its not serious but if you d/c over a certain threshold your name changes color) The patch is up already on JP PSN, I'm not sure about HK.
  11. brett_

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    @akai_GO: Some minor corrections: -Note that GP can be used to permanently purchase Navi / HUD DLC (everything except suits is permanent basically) -Re-GZ's MA mode mobility nerf actually says that the mobility reduction is RELATIVE to the height he's at, in the sense that his mobility goes down the higher he ascends. -EX meter gain rate for Re-GZ / Norn was increased, they specified. Its also worth noting that the new rerelease of EXVSFB console PS3 port is only 3800 yen guys! (physical OR downloadable). Get your friends to play :D
  12. It's a main -> sub cancel. Normally if you do this, because both Main and Sub do not cause vernier while on angle, you'll be stuck in a mid-air sidestep animation. However if you do this at the very edge of off angle, your off-angle (causes vernier) main shot will become an on-angle main shot. Basically do an out of angle step main -> sub right at the edge of off-angle and you'll get this effect. This is kind of similar to how sometimes if you use WTV's CS main at the tip of on-angle, it'll turn into an off-angle halfway through and nothing will happen.
  13. You're correct about waiting for a landing punish. If you have a wide shot or are on-angle and don't think he's going to step, like you mentioned, you can try and cut, and you can always try and fire while you're falling since you might as well. But generally yeah if they're doing a cut resistant combo you're actually reducing your chance of cutting by wildly firing. It definitely sucks when your teammate dies that way but since you get the landing punish usually, your not losing out too much in terms of damage race. Also note that while this is occuring, the opponent's second player is probably attacking you to stop a cut, so you may get hit for attempting to cut the melee. A very common losing pattern is: 1) Partner gets hit by melee 2) You attempt to cut opponent, but miss 3) You get hit by his partner because you overboosted, and get knocked down 4) Partner gets 2v1'd on oki and hit
  14. There's something called Casual night that happens once or twice a week for more beginning / intermediate players - I don't remember who to talk to for that but I think there's a thread? Might still be DoubleTaco, not quite sure, but following him on twitter would probably be the most direct way. Team Free rooms generally pop up pretty often during peak hours. You can also try some of the various facebook groups, such as Team aBc, or Operation North America (I'm not sure whether this one is still active though). You can try the #gafgundam channel on EFNet on IRC too. There's a Skype chat floating about but I'm not sure whether it's open invite or a exclusive sub-community. There's also a LINE chat I've started up for anyone interested, anyone can just ask me for an invite for it. On twitch a small group of players generally coordinate and play periodically in my channel as well.