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  1. im sooo mad u use ragna now smh lol

  2. Good shit to everybody and shout outs for BK-Lee being so free lol forgive me DaiAndOh and I have to step my game up and stop being lazy lol I actually enjoyed watching GG far more than BB
  3. BK!!!!!!!! waz up you overpowered litchi whore XD with sexy combos. how ya been bud? been a while actually. hit me up when you want to spar.

  4. yo wats lee. ready 4 me 2 beat u in some blazblue cs jk lol. will see u on peace XD

  5. i already use her alil but its jin all day errrrrrday lol

  6. noooo...noooo dont tell me.....your gonna use....her...?

  7. i know the feeling..i finally beat bayonetta XD got it like a week ago lol and i havent hit CTF in ages man smh

  8. Home....done with classes...now i dont know what to do with myself X3

  9. bro where u been havent run into u in a looong time lol

  10. JIYUNA FRIDAY no, i havent been there too much :(

  11. Emo child how has CTF been? I havent been there since forever. Any good new players?