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  1. No big deal, though I would enjoy playing against ya.

  2. awesome swing and miss on my part man

  3. Wrong guy dude, I havent played guilty since evo.

  4. been wanting another match with your Order Sol, I'm that SOL who wanted a match after you finals with Mike

  5. After some experimenting, it seems you can just combo into steel rain off of 6D in FRKZ, probably just better to dash super though. I'll figure out specifics sometime this week and post the info.
  6. Order Jeff

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    On carl, the combo, j.2C (CH?) > 2B > 2C > 623C (Press all but D right as the grab connects and hold) > 41236D > D+D+D+D+D, will initiate astral and be fatal from 74%hp and 68 meter. I think it goes up to 75%hp but I wont commit to it right now, cant remember exactly. Played a Carl online specifically to pull this off and he must have been pissed when I did. Another strat I think would be good for astral when your spark bol is too close to a corner is to do any combo into collider, dont walk forward, 6C, 41236D, then B sledge. The delay from the sledge makes them cross you up and tech so during the sledge buffer the initial D's (lol initial d) astral and start to barrier, when they try to punish spam D and stop blocking when they try something with a lot of recovery. Nailed a Ragna, Jin, and Rachel with this just now. I really hate giving up rounds to test these on players but it is really good testing imo.
  7. Order Sol + Jeff = Order Jeff?

  8. Desu+Desu+Desu+Desu+Desu+Desu+Desu=Desu7x

  9. Order Jeff

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    Oh well, I threw that out there without looking because my family was leaving for a movie. Apologies for repeating what you guys already posted.
  10. Order Jeff

    [CT] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    Hey guys, I don't really play Tager, and this might have been posted already, but I have found ways for you to easily combo into his astral. If you have a few character lengths between you and your opponent you can hold back and A+B+C to sort of sneaky barrier prep, then spark bolt while still holding the three other buttons. After it launches, spam tap the d button until activation. If they are hit, then stop hitting it and it will combo into the astral. If not, hold it to magnetize then towards you and try your best to time the grab. If they are too close, wait for the D spam until they cross you up or dont go for the astral. Also, if your opponent has around 5.5k(carl) or 6k(nu-13) hp remaining, only two I have tested this on, and you have 80 meter, if you land a grab, proceed with the magnetic air grab cancel, but right as you grab them, hold A+B+C, it won't RC yet, then spark bolt and spam D as usual with the immediae release upon activation. Always grab towards the closest corner so the air grab will point them back into open space, gives enough activation time for your astral off the wall bounce. I will see if I can find any more extended combos for use at higher opponent life or less meter. Pretty much anything off a spark bolt seems to work. Thanks. -Bringer of candy. Tasty, tasty candy.
  11. Order Jeff

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    My bad, I meant to write that you could do it anytime off an floating wall bounce, which I have never had trouble getting to work.
  12. Pull yourself together!

  13. Dude, you're a walking hammer. Always nailing everything.