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  1. Cant wait to see you guys at NEC. First time going there
  2. Sweet NEWBLOOD!!!!!!! I am finally not the new guy? In other news some of my friend want to pick up guilty now?? oh my goodness
  3. This fucking tournament. THIS FUCKING TOURNAMENT
  4. Mahouko

    [AC+] XBL Gamertag Thread

    XBL: mahouko08 location- NY Chars- buri Time: .........
  5. Lol sorry for such the late message. Havent been on dustloop since forever because of school work. Yoyo glitching is not too hard. I usually use the middle finger to hold on to the yoyo while I use my index for everything else. When I want to yoyo glitch I let go of my middle finger and either quickly press it with my index finger to hold it out for longer, or let go of my middle finger do the motion for the yoyo attack and then press with my index finger. It takes a while to get used to but everyone has their own way of having the finger position. Overall though I do not use yoyo glitch too often due to the stick I use

  7. Mahouko

    Long Island Roll Call!

    Just going to drop by in this thread for a sec and have a BIG SHOUTOUT to all of you LI players who came to the Team St1ckbug tournament tournament. It sucks that you guys have to travel a pretty long way even though we are in the same state. Hopefully I can continue seeing you guys stop by the tournaments. Once again thanks so much for coming out. The NY scene is going to be alot stronger if you guys keep this up Keep the flag flying everyone
  8. BUT I CANT LET EVERYONE LIVE IN A WORLD FULL OF SADNESS. I GOT TO PROTECT EVERYONE and we need equipment for gundam b/c i can only bring in the game so far
  9. Time to make everyone STOP FIGHTING in gundam
  10. Mahouko

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    whats the point? He already is the projectile
  11. Mahouko

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    The only thing I want is bridget to do much damage
  12. Mahouko

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Even if it doesnt revive the community at least now people will actually access to the game, and have the opportunity to net place against people. That was the thing people were looking for and would be more willing to play GG. It will be much easier for trying to get people in the game as well, now that they do not need to play on the very old ps2. They can just download it and start playing, which is what my friends are finally doing. Now that it is going to be available they were wondering if I can help them learn the game which im more then willing too because I want more people in the scene
  13. With that kind of attitude you are better off not coming at all. You will not have fun, you will get bodied, and hey you might complain. Because according to you, you're just going there to waste your money and sit on your ass the whole day. Looking at that you can sit home for FREE. Oh wait you have the option of watching a stream? Nope not going to do it because all they will do is shit talk BB. Are you even trying to have people see you differently? Because your giving a really really bad impression. I dont even play bb but I had fun while playing it, despite me being ass at the game no one has ever talked shit.
  14. Mahouko

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well you know what? Im happy for this re release of accent core. I came into the GG community when it died, this was around 2009 AND PLAYING THE GOD DAMN WII VERSION. Finally I have an alternative to then just vsing MANIAC computers every single day because that is the only way I can train. But you know what? Im kinda thankful for these "cock suckers", at least they show "some support". There are reasons for people dropping the game despite liking it so much. Its hard to revive a community, and bring in newcomers when you have games that you dont need that much effort for. I didnt get where Im at by playing for 2 months hell no. So now is my question. Star, ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY THE GAME OR WHAT? Or are you just going to just sit on your ass and be no better then what you are criticizing? EDIT-destruction_adv you could have just bought a 5 dollar dbz fight stick
  15. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!?!?!?!?! ITS OVER ALZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 3000 3000? Lets fucking go. If we lose Double Agguy team
  17. D-d-d-d-d dont take this the wrong way! It's not like I like you guys or anything!
  18. BLUE NINE WANTS TO PLAY GUILTY GEAR?????????????? guilty gear is growing. But also GUNDAM EXTREME VS. seriously If all goes well I got seven people for extreme vs
  19. Mahouko

    [AC] Video Posting Thread

    finally he makes his return.
  20. Ah sanoshi, recruit this man into the Bridget army. We're in need of new recruits
  21. anyone going to stream?
  22. Mahouko

    About Creativity

    "Anyway, I ask of everyone: what is your edge? Do you even know it?" Full screen kick start my heart, and dbz fight stick
  23. Mahouko

    About Creativity

    so where is this topic heading to? random>stuff
  24. Mahouko

    NEC XII Results

    DAMNIT WHY WASNT I HERE!? SKD is forcing me to step up my game. I'll come soon -.- P:S I love you Bridget army