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  1. It's Planet Zero in Houston
  2. I don't really give a fuck, using my iPhone camera is better than nothing. I'll be up there again today to record more stuff either way now that I know how the videos turn out. Edit: thet are closed today, welp!
  3. Is there going to be an extra monitor to hook my PS3 up to?
  4. Going on thursday
  5. Aw man and I was thinking about changing my mind and going tonight too . Oh well, Sunday still sounds good though.
  6. A BB get-together sounds pretty badass. I could MAYBE make it to that although its a slim chance since it's all the way in Pasadena
  7. This has been a pretty crazy month for me now, I prolly won't be able to make any thursday night games for a month or so
  8. That sounds pretty shitty, I got there around 11:00-11:10
  9. There were no Carls that night
  10. Haha sounds great.
  11. Oh gawd
  12. Heading up to PZ tonight around 10, i'll also be up at that tournament on the 17th
  13. Oh trust me, i've been practicing everything haha. Probably practicing too much. Looking forward to those next games.
  14. Word word