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  1. Has anyone find out anything about what the 1.3 patch has to offer?
  2. PkHYpeR

    BlazBlue CALAMITY TRIGGER Match-Up Chart

    What happened to "DP"?
  3. PkHYpeR

    BlazBlue CALAMITY TRIGGER Match-Up Chart

    Jin can Impossible Dust?
  4. Blade...your post are filled with win...ohh btw Happy b-day

  5. PkHYpeR

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Combos v2.0

    BNB: Windless: 3c (3 hits) 5a 5b sj j.b j.a j.b j.c dj {j.2c [j.214b wind oki]}OR{j.b j.c j.236a} Do I let the 5a hit once or twice? btw Soniti great job on the combos list, much appreciated
  6. so are there lots of latinos in ny? is it mostly black,white,or us? just curious is all.

  7. Your Avatar rocks

  8. Was wondering the same thing....thx for clearing up!
  9. Ah alright. Well good looking! Take care of yourself!

  10. Na B...just see ya post on the forums and noticed it was your B-day,So far being 21 rocks, hope it the same for you man!

  11. Thanks! ... Do I know you? =3