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  1. I keep forgetting I have an account here. Just going mention whoever I can remember. Shoutouts to: - Zidane for letting me stay in the room and bullshit with 242 - Jeff for being hype in top 4 - Stickbug for doing this shit - Mahouko for being kawaii - PNW (KV/Huey/Wolfniggashin/Travis/COR) for being chill as fuck - Setsuna for having strong waifu love the whole tourney - Shinobi for #smokebomb - And finally the hotel for cold showers/crappy elevators/4am fire alarms If I didn't mention you and you're upset, EAD.
  2. Can't go to summer jam. Broke as fuck and still looking for work. I'll be sure to get you some liquor next time I see you Alan.
  3. I should be able to make it barring anything serious. Although I can't bring a monitor, will you accept liquor?
  4. ShadowFox

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    So is BB/AH3 being on console set in stone? I wanna cross post that to the AH forums.
  5. ShadowFox

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    Care to tell me who informed you of that?
  6. ShadowFox

    7/23 Team St1ckbug Rising: Brooklyn, NY (WE ARE BACK!)

    I heard people want melty,so add that to the list of games. Kthnxbai.
  7. I think I'll enter BB/GG as well. Anyone need a teammate?
  8. Yo Dai, mind if I run MB while you and Biscuits do GG/BB?
  9. Melty teams? That many people are going to show? Hype.
  10. ShadowFox

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    GGs to everyone who showed up at XAQ's place this weekend. Also: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=167F6E286916DB44
  11. ShadowFox

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    Can I also be invited to this BB/MB session?
  12. ShadowFox

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    The easiest thing to work with would be 2a>5b>5c> and then mix up from: 5D>236C <- grants frame advantage I think or slight jump over> jD <- cross up freeze if they arent on point with their defense or even 5b>wait a bit>walk up 6a>214D(if you have meter)
  13. ShadowFox

    [CT] Jin Combos and Glitches

    Tetsu does 6c>5c>SJ(SuperJump)>jC>jD>AD(AirDash) and continues from there.
  14. ShadowFox

    [^C] Baiken [MEDIA]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TVcnKLdRb0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TnoM5k6GFE Koto beasting