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  1. woo~, never have to see you or anyone carry on about jubei, lol bbxetc looks rad
  2. woo~, never have to see you or anyone carry on about jubei, lol bbxetc looks rad
  3. Devdan

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Holy crap, getting serious Utena movie vibes from Dark Heart. Too bad we're not getting these characters, lol. Shark Girl and her Skullgirl sister, forever in limbo. (along with Fiona's sister lol)
  4. I'm in challenge mode trying to do Amane's mission 9 expert, and like 1/8 of the time I try to OD cancel I get rapid cancel instead. I have the OD gauge (you get it instantly in this mission) , I have input display on, I am hitting all 4 buttons at exactly the same time. What gives?
  5. Oh, I should've figured that was there for a reason. But uh, Makoto's astral absolutely does not automatically get you to the next level. You get a good 6 or so levels off it, but it's not instant.
  6. Astrals don't automatically get you to the next level anymore. Also, dumb question but uh, how do I unlock level 4? I beat 1 through 3...
  7. At least you know what Jubei looks like, and what his story is. I don't even know what Warrant Officer Ellen Nelson looks like, or why she exists (considering they specifically say there are no warrant officers in the NOL in one of the Teach me Miss Litchi segments). Why do I even want this character? I don't know. You know what, forget it, I'm with Jubei-avatar guy. Put Meifang in the game, we need more female characters with no pants.
  8. Enough about Jubei, I want Warrant Officer Ellen Nelson. Also, I hear some people are breaking street date. I managed to scrounge up enough amazon credit for this game, so I'm stuck waiting. I bet they take forever to ship too.
  9. I think Xrd did a great job with models, but I still prefer sprites. The models all have really samey faces, and there's something kinda chunky about them. It's better than nothing though, and definitely better than the SFV look. I didn't care for the CP remixes either, but the overall new track quality has been mostly up to par. I definitely don't remember a single new track from Xrd, unless you count Heavy Day. I'm in this weird minority where I played GG first, and I still like BB better. I'm like one of 5 people on earth, not counting people who play for the story.
  10. Ice King would be pretty funny, but pretty close to his default aside from skin color. btw Makoto = Yukikaze from Kantai Collection (hate that I know that) Valk = Gargoyle from Nadia the Secret of Blue Water
  11. Are those actually Adventure Time palettes or just some guy's speculation 'cause that is wayyy arbitrary. I saw AT plushes and stuff in UFO catchers a few times last year, but never got the impression it was popular. Was assistant teaching grades 5-9 and no one ever mentioned it / had merch or clothes / none of their many TV and movie themed arts and crafts were of AT. Maybe it's like a reverse anime and only adults watch it. Also, if they really are supposed to At themed, bums me out that they gave PB to Kokonuts 'cause I don't like her...but thematically it makes sense since she's a scientist with questionable morals who plays god...oh wait, that's actually perfect.
  12. Devdan

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    Ran into someone playing this game and it reminded me that I like it a lot, so I picked up the Vita version just to mess around a little (don't have my PS3 atm). I know the game is beyond dead and the Vita version is extra dead, but it couldn't hurt to ask, is there a patch somewhere that fixes the freezing when you beat story mode problem? Scharlawhatever was way harder than I remember her being in vanilla and when I landed that final hit on the final boss I was happy to be done with it...and then it froze. Not cool! Is there a fix? Some posts on gamefaqs made it sound like there was, but I won't be surprised if there isn't. Also, why doesn't Six Stars have a home version, is Examu stupid or something? <_< [edit] oh, you click on the yellow icon on the splash page to download the update. ok.
  13. Kind of bums me out that you only need 10% of the challenges for the trophy. That's nothing. Doing the challenges is my favorite part of a new game's single player, honestly. It's nice they didn't get rid of the one for completing all of a single character's I guess, but with 30ish playable characters, you could do 10% with your eyes closed. Lame. KoFXIV was way too easy in that regard too. Only had to do 100 out of 250, and I did all 250 in probably 2 or 3 hours because only like 4 of them weren't super easy.
  14. Alright, only about a month gap. This is a day 1 for me...or it would be, except I'll almost certainly still be unemployed a month from now. Maybe I can get somebody to gift it for my birthday a month later, lol.
  15. You forgot Mu. Everyone always forgets Mu.