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    [P4A] Aigis Combo Thread

    Not 100% on whether the initial radical cannon is A or B, or whether the goddess shield is C or D, but this is what I see: 214A > 236A > 214214D > 22B > j.B+D (escape change) > j.236236C > One More Burst > Back Boost > Orgia Boost > j.B > j.236C+D > j.214D > Hover Boost > j.236A+B Hopefully that's accurate :P edit: Thanks on the correction edit from j.214C to j.214D ...it seemed like it went higher than a the D version but I haven't tried it yet
  2. We mentioned this a bit on the last page. I'm having some trouble figuring out if there's a better way to land this consistently, but you might want to try delaying the Hatsu there significantly, doing it after Litchi travels as far as possible with the Haku. That works for me pretty much 100% of the time. Otherwise, you can try doing dash 6Kote (6623D) or dash Haku (2366A), whatever you can do to make Litchi travel forward more so that they land on the other side of the staff when it's time to hit the ippatsuA.
  3. I'm finding I have a similar problem. I land this with a pretty good rate of consistency, but I end up having to delay the Hatsu significantly, doing it after Litchi travels as far as possible with the Haku. It works more often than not, but it seems like extra work to time that properly, especially if you factor in online play. Is it more practical to just always do dash 6Kote or 2366A for the Haku? Chances are, if it's part of the combo, it's necessary. From the ones I have tried thus far, the 6Kote is essential to repositioning the staff properly and changing the trajectory.