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  1. DF2K

    The fundamentals of blazblue

    You say that like you don't drop combos.
  2. DF2K

    The fundamentals of blazblue

    Shut up.
  3. I had no idea it was possible to purchase human shit.
  4. Pro-tip: Huey is a liar, and spicy chicken nuggets are horrible.
  5. Just thought I'd say that playing with you guys this weekend has definitely improved my game (I'm a hell of a lot more patient). Thanks, guys!
  6. Steven is playing Infamous while we could be playing BB.
  7. Oh yeah, shoutouts: Christian- Nice meeting you man, gratz on winning karaoke. Rebecca- Thanks for running the tournament, it was a blast. You handled things well considering the time issues. Huey- You're hilarious, man. We need to play again before we leave on Tuesday. Spark- Nice meeting you and getting destroyed by your Haku-Men, it hurts so much. >_< missedFRC- Good job on 1st. You're Litchi is seriously scary. Sorry for anyone I miss, I'm horrible with names. It was great meeting everyone though. We are going to be here until Tuesday, everyone is welcome to come play BB casuals in our room.
  8. you are welcome to come by right now if you want. room 838 it's only BB here tho.
  9. Results: 1st- MissedFRC 2nd- Steve-O 3rd- Huey 4th- Kaigu
  10. Tomorrow I embark on a 6 1/2 hour international journey to play Blazblue with a bunch of strangers.
  11. DF2K

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    This. I think that in the next installment of BB (if any?), they should introduce a guard stun indicator of some sort in training mode. It would definitely help in studying what we can and cannot punish.
  12. DF2K

    [CS1] Hazama Videos

    The only time I use 623d RC is when I catch them with 623d close enough to where you can't combo after it. ie. 623d, RC, 214d-c.. Save the tension for jayoku, most of Jin's block strings are easy as hell to punish.
  13. DF2K

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    Hmm, I keep forgetting about Jabaki.