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  1. Simple questions and answers thread! Ask a question, get an answer! Enjoy!
  2. Ah looking at it again, you guys are right! My mistake! Not like I have credibility anyways hahaha.
  3. Pretty sure it jumped up from 90 to 93 in the video on the "whiff". But maybe it's just a prerequisite of having one of the hits in a "multi-hitting" move in order to be roman-cancelled.
  4. I paid close attention to check this, because you shouldn't be able to RC on whiff in this game. It was actually blocked on both hits of 3CC. It only looked like it whiffed. The barrier loss and meter gain on the Bullet player proves this.
  5. It's like why would I watch Americans for Starcraft Brood War when I can watch Koreans! Also not to be nitpicky but I think this has gotten kind of hand.
  6. Most of the time, Kuresu goes for the crush trigger route. However, you have to take into account that he almost never uses 5BB in the combo itself.
  7. Ginseng

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    Perhaps I should crash the skype party. jk
  8. Ginseng

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    Hello! Lol wth Izayoi? Sure why not. I guess I will play whoever I like based on videos.
  9. Streetwise cancelled, NCI is the only kof tournament for this saturday. Southtown's qualifier is on sunday.
  10. Dec 10th: Streetwise tournament in Fremont featuring capcom games + kof. Announced several months ago. NCI last minute kof tournament as main game. Southtown arcade tryouts for 5v5 norcal vs socal team for SCR. (I think).
  11. I hear you like Arthur. And I hear you will like my Mai.
  12. Things should be hosted at Pizza Box. And have Davis' "3rd-strike Allen" as the main host. (Only me and Coopa would get this :X)
  13. Ehhh, Streetwise is going on the same day with their own actual KoF tournament though lol.
  14. Good old Greasemonkey + scripting done by zatic.
  15. I should make a fake CSEX video using CS2. I wonder if people will notice a difference. I would use CS1 but CS1 was many times worse.
  16. I hate to rate videos by PSR, but can we only allow 500+ PSR vids now? :D
  17. Please continue combo discussion in here :D
  18. Ginseng

    [CS2] Tsubaki Tutorial Video

    Hey everyone. As some of you may already know, there is currently a CS2 tutorial section being spearheaded by SpiritJuice. You may view the thread here: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?11073-Community-Project-BBCS2-Character-Tutorial-Videos-UPDATED-MAY-2ND Anyways the thread has stated what we need, but this thread will also be filled of all the potential information we will collect. It will be split up in the same format as listed in the thread. I will begin editing the following posts and so forth over the course of this week. You guys can feel free to post whatever is needed, including the super obvious stuff! Thanks in advance and let's all contribute to the best of our ability! -Ginseng
  19. Hi Tari, thanks to you, Roy, Nate, Chris, Calvin, and anyone else I missed for the Gundam matches. Sean and Landis, thanks for trying it out :D Thanks to Danny, Sean, Willy for the KoF matches. Thanks to Scott for joining me in getting bodied by the DRAGON. Nice seeing Jeff, James, Derek, Dsmoove, Donavan, Qwerty Alex, Dakanya Alex, AJ, Tenkai Sean, Will, John, Jared, Philip, Filip, Vineeth, David, and any other names I forget to recall. I'll see you guys another time . Sorry to everyone for not participating in BB :D
  20. Ginseng

    [CS2] Tsubaki vs Jin

    Discuss the Tsubaki vs Jin matchup here. Things to watch out for: Some combos may not work on Jin due to his hitbox. Pay attention to your combos accordingly in this match-up
  21. That's some long Bart ride roflll
  22. Enjoy your buffs, I will still be as annoying as I am in NEXT. :D
  23. Ginseng

    [CS2] Tsubaki vs Taokaka

    Discuss the Tsubaki vs Taokaka matchup here. Things to watch out for: Her air mobility is way better than yours. She can duck under your 5B while crouching. Things you can use: 2C works very well against Tao, most of them will not space themselves. If you get her blocking on the ground, it's your advantage usually.