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  1. I'll leave any kind of artwork to people who actually know and like that sort of thing. I do need a new avatar, though. -hint hint-

  2. Nerok

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    Usually I bait sledge and try and land a 3c but it pretty much donkey punches me in the face. Hmm, usually they like to gain spark bolt fuel and play footsies with sledge until I make a false chain move and get combo'd into atomic collider. Once it lands once they try to bait burst or houtenjins.
  3. Nerok

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    I suffer with this match up so bad. I can link and run, but then they get spark bolt and begin pressuring with sledge and baiting my jump with atomic collider. Once I get magnetized I feel helpless.
  4. Maybe you should learn how to use Photoshop and make a better avatar. =D

  5. Alrighty. I just got back from a vacation with the g/f. So i'll try and be on later this week.

  6. Same, dont worry about it I got you added.

  7. XBL: SigmaXcel Haven't been on alot lately. Work and G/F takes alot of my spare time.

  8. Are you on PSN or XBL?

  9. Yeah. It's been too silent about the subject. Has ASW even officially announced Valk yet? Or are they still trying to hide the fact he's going to be a DLC character?

  10. I want Valk sprites already damnit.

  11. love the avatar. :)

  12. Yeah, Endless Despair is up there too. I like all of the new themes, sans Active Angel. Don't like that one at all.

  13. Honestly I like it over all the other new character themes. I've already said that if I had to pick a song to listen to while using my Hazama its going to be Endless Despair.

  14. It probably will man. Which is very clever on Daisuke's account. I wish the song's drummer was louder though, put more emphasis on it. But yeah, I am all over this song. It's gotta be right behind Condemnation Wings & Gluttony Fang...

  15. Seriously the opening where the organs keep getting toned higher gave me goosebumps of excitement. And the guitars at 20 seconds make me think they are going to start as soon as it says ACTION! Which would make me melt even more.