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  1. tianyuan2k4

    Odds and Ends

    http://www.trftrf.com/sb.index.html Hokuto nerds giddy up. Zen is holding HnK tournament this year along with KI and friends promoting the event. They are finally back for real. EDIT: Lol no HnK activity here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k3xok2Zirs
  2. OMG I won two tournaments today! Ragna & Jin came to our booth yesterday: Anyway, today's Guilty Gear tournament is probably still going on. Lots of people showed up from nowhere just right before I left. The crowd is quite huge for a small booth. And we actually received complaints from neighbors for that. Good games!
  3. If you are going to NYAF / Comicon just for BlazBlue & Guilty Gear, I appreciate your enthusiasm but don't take this the wrong way. Look, even without KKL running tournaments, just getting into NYAF / Comicon at the door is $50 for the weekend pass. If you are buy it through us plus attending one tournament you still only pay $50. You are just paying for your weekend pass in NYAF / Comicon. Of course if you hate geeks, nerds & dorks, please don't come to NYAF / Comicon because there probably has like a hundred thousands of them all thanks to New York Anime Fest and Comicon working together for the first time. Another important thing why you should pre-register with KKL. If you pay money (including tournament fee) inside the building, you have to pay tax by law. It's not KKL taking away your money, blame our government for that. However, you can avoid paying that extra money by pre-register.
  4. For $50, you are get a weekend pass (friday, saturday & sunday), going to guilty gear tournament on Sunday.
  5. Nihon Auction's NYAF BlazBlue x Guilty Gear Tournament Schedule Oct. 9 - 12:00PM: Guilty Gear Accent Core Oct. 10 - 12:00PM: BlazBlue Continuum Shift Place New York Anime Fest / Comicon 2010 @ Javits Convention Center Direction: http://www.javitscenter.com/Default.aspx?cmsid=40 General Rules 1 vs 1, Double Elimination 2/3 Rounds 2/3 Matches 3/5 Matches for Winners/Losers/Grand Finals. Winner must keep character, loser is allowed to change Pausing during game will be counted as a loss for the round Random stage / Theme selection BlazBlue Continuum Shift Console exclusive characters are allowed (YES!) Unlimited characters & Nu (v-13) are Banned Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Justice & Cliff are banned Black, Gold & EX characters are banned. Fees Entry Fees: 1 Tournament $10 2 Tournaments $20 Special NYAF Combo! Now that we are only 1 week away from the event. Combo deal can save you $5 now, its good up until Oct. 8th. Regular tourney entry amount remains unaffected. Entry + 1 Tournament entry $55 ($5 over NYAF normal rate! Save $5 on tourney entry!) Entry + 2 Tournament entry $65 ($15 over NYAF normal rate! Save $5 on tourney entry!) You can either try to get a hold of Karl Kablisk, or pay using paypal for the Special NYAF Combo. Karl Kablisk Email: karlkablisk@gmail.com, Cell: 718-666-5096 Paypal Page: http://nihonauctions.com/nyafevent.html Prize For each tournament: 1st: a custom airbrushed street-graffiti style and anime T-shirt done by street artist FUTURE 2nd: $20 3rd: $15 Words from KKL
  6. tianyuan2k4

    BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift : Changes

    "残鉄立ちC残鉄で6k" Hakumen 41236C > C > 41236C does 6000 damage. Gotta go to sleep now... Too many Arcana Heart 3 reports this weekend. Hopefully players will post more juicy info tomorrow. My bad. It's a typo.
  7. tianyuan2k4

    Odds and Ends

    Pharaon crushed Hige in TRF!!! Almost got Mago too! Good Job Pharaon! http://youtube.com/watch?v=XF-GwCHY_-I Full TRF tournament video ID: tianyuan2k5@yahoo.com Password: ilovehnk http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1587682 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1588402 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1588506 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1588604 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1589016
  8. tianyuan2k4

    Shin FAQ project

    it's in here: http://dustloop.com/forums/showpost.php?p=82452&postcount=15
  9. tianyuan2k4

    Kenshiro make your head asplode

    watch atheisticfury's vids, or you can ask him: http://youtube.com/user/atheisticfury
  10. tianyuan2k4

    Shin FAQ project

    Bah, it's okay, I got the same problem too. I finally get to play HnK after a looooooooooooooooong time. I totally forgot everything... I think more things to say about Mamation's Rei, lol! You are doing fine. Perhaps get use to 2B and 2D's range so you don't whiff it too often. And use less 236D against him because he has good reflex to beat it. Perhaps you can try command grab vs wake up uppercut. The timing is strict but it's fun and puts a lot of pressure on Rei.
  11. tianyuan2k4

    Shin FAQ project

    Just not too close will be enough. If you have questions and new videos to show, post them there first. Besides I check that group often, others could give some insights as well. Yes, I still working on the HNK forum... Although school stuff is delaying the process. I am planning to finish it before Oct, and complete Shin guide's 3rd edition before Nov.
  12. tianyuan2k4

    Shin FAQ project

    Corner Okizeme 2A is not that effective vs Rei because of his wakeup dragon punch, 236236A, etc. I think 2B is better since it only loses to 236236A but beats everything else. Of course, I really enjoy okizeme with 214214C vs Rei. Rei has to block or get hit... Then you can just walk forward and grab sometimes:D Center okizeme you can always IAD B cross up then do the 2A > 5C / command grab guessing. So blocking that IAD B cross up is just one step further into Shin's guessing games.
  13. tianyuan2k4

    Shin FAQ project

    Lol, I haven't check this place for while, let me take a look your video. Nowadays I only check youtube group regularly. Because Mr.Mamation and Pharaon and others are going to Japan this Nov for DF2 HNK 2on2 tournament, I gotta check that place often even I am busy:) About command grab, look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6I4YpX_FUA Okay, back to your combo suggestion. I think it is great. Does it work on every character? I will include it in the next version... before DF2...
  14. tianyuan2k4

    Shin FAQ project

    Probably has to do with timing and distance. I wonder if you need to do 623B earlier than Raoh's 41236D to beat it. Depends on which move Raoh is cancelling, like 6B, 623A, 2D, 623C they give different block stun so 623B probably only work vs some of them. Nice finding though. I am going to try this when I have someone to fight... Someday...
  15. tianyuan2k4

    Odds and Ends

    Very nice, thanks, jodonnell.