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  1. I'm usually on board with dubs, but yeah Xrd's was rather... disappointing. I'm amazed nobody has mentioned Chipp. Like there's "I don't think this is what the voice should have sounded like" and then there's "actually just bad, bland acting." Chipp is the latter.
  2. Well, that WOULD explain why I can't seem to buffer a normal right at the end of a special, if I'm reading you right. I guess gg is too cool for a universal 3-frame buffer.
  3. "Gray Fox install." Okay you might have won me over to Raven just with that line.
  4. Maybe I got a little negative but I didn't mean to be some doomsayer. I honestly just have no idea what Raven's grabs are like. I didn't think they'd be overpowered per se. Let's just hope Potemkin isn't so big that he can't "get inside" the long reaching grab, lol. Talking about getting out-grappled by other characters, I'm thinking about playing Tager and getting beat out by Hazama's command grab. Ugh.
  5. Does it? Is it always active? It seems a bit selective. Like I feel like Pot's 6K > HFB > 6K loop stuff would be a lot easier if it didn't seem like all inputs get eaten during the hammerfall break animation. I could totally be mistaken about that though.
  6. Man, I kinda want to know more about Raven's command throw. Like, is it literally just unblockable? It looks like it reaches real far. Is it slow like Skrull throws in mvc3 or something? Is Potemkin gonna get out-grappled by this hooded little shit? Oy. I'm paranoid. At least Kum looks cool. Unless his links end up being horrendous to do reliably.
  7. You play Azrael. Isn't he link-based?
  8. Even if the t was pronounced like a "ch" it'd still sound like "Puhchemkin." Ain't no "chump" to be found. Unless we're talking current tier lists EDIT: Hrm, perhaps it is I who is the chump. http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=potemkin Then again maybe Ashimriat knows something I don't. I guess its more of a "cheum" sound than a flat "chem" or "chum" sound.
  9. For a second I thought you were talking about Kum, lol.
  10. Perhaps that was a bad word for me to use. But like I said I wasn't sure how to put my finger on it, so you're right about that. I'll just say that in the old design he looked older or more mature or something, and more imposing. But the general point is still that I just like the old design overall better. Also man ya'll gotta calm down with this weird conspiracy shit. I'm not part of some squad of boogymen out to shit all over "modern anime" or "masculinity" or whatever. I'm just saying it feels weird to not get the kind of character design I was always "promised" for Raven back when I first saw him and thought "man, it'd be cool if he was playable." And if you don't think there's a big difference between this new Xrd design and his old X, XX, and even GG2 designs, well, that's fine for you I guess. But I see a difference.
  11. Well, okay, it apparently had artwork. One kinda looked like a comic book page so I got confused. http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/File:014515510.PNG http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/File:That_Man_%26_his_servants_Artwork.png Granted you can't see his skin color but I still like this design better overall. I didn't mean to sound like the skin color was my main issue. It's the whole design. Also @Poultrygeist my whole Terumi comparison comes mostly from the hooded look. Raven came before Terumi but Terumi wore a hood first. Also if you want to talk about his GG2 design, hell, I like THAT one better too, honestly. Yeah this is just my subjective opinion and I won't get upset if anyone disagrees but I feel like some people are implying my opinion is based on bad info, but it isn't. Got a little ninjad by poultrygeist. Yeah he was a waifish edgelord back then too. Just like Testament. I won't argue that. But I guess I dig an 80s/90s edgelord over a post-2000's one, is the thing.
  12. Apparently he showed up all the way back in some GGX visual novel. And in that he looked like he did in the various XX versions story mode (which is where I first saw him). Which is like this: ... rather than some hooded white guy. Granted he was always goth as shit but before he looked a bit more... manly? Now he looks younger and... I dunno, more "modernly" edgelord-ish. I can't really put it into words properly. I prefer the old spikey bodysuited blue guy that I was promised way back in XX.
  13. Huh. Did raven not show up in XX before Accent Core? I thought he did, in his weird blue form.