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  1. Aw thats okay then.

  2. ya mate same as my username

  3. Nope. Don't even know what that is lol

  4. Are you on XBL by any chance?

  5. My name is Beatrice, and I'm a Tao player too =O

  6. Sure did, the day it came out. Didn't really play GG online much because I could never find people I could connect to (played about 15 matches...). BB is going a lot better.

  7. Hiya, if youre on XBL shoot me a msg!!

  8. GuardianOMS

    Big Bang Beat Revolve

    Didn't plan on posting it, I know that rule applies. I'd simply file transfer it to them since I don't want to upload it anyway. Since when were gamers so wrapped up in legal tendencies? Especially since major illegal downloading is done by them. Hm, I guess there are a few straight and narrow ones out there.
  9. GuardianOMS

    Big Bang Beat Revolve

    I found out about it by downloading it for free. Previously, I heard nothing about it and didn't even know it was anything real. I don't mind being a pirate, I'm a proud one. Hence the reason I play GG online with boldness =] Anyway, I just thought the poster I quoted was saying there was no download for free. Just wanted to say there is and I'm willing to share.
  10. GuardianOMS

    Big Bang Beat Revolve

    What do you mean by that? I downloaded BBB when I first heard about it. PC is the only way I've ever played.
  11. GuardianOMS

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    Hm, thanks for the info. So in reality, you can't play someone that is too far away huh? Say... Russia?
  12. GuardianOMS

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    Something to do with your computer settings and what it can do. I've been searching the forum and I don't see anything on it.
  13. GuardianOMS

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    Oh, might not be able to watch games because one or both of the players are over ping. Almost everything has to do with ping
  14. GuardianOMS

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    Aw alright. Mind if I add you? We can catch up for a game some other time. Delay 4? Is that one of the lobbies with the super high ping?