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  1. ArkiveZero

    [CS1-CS2] Litchi Video Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcQsvNl3o8g#t=2m12s 2:12 - crazy RC rekka combo
  2. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Combos

    the hell are you talking about? 5B does combo into 5C, 6B doesnt combo into 5C. i'm pretty sure 5B, 2D, j.B is correct because J.A isnt an over head and thats supposed to be the overhead mix up.
  3. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    very nice, rachel still rapes on emos
  4. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    it was the other way around, jin did a backthrow to astral on rachel. at that moment i /wrist so hard lol
  5. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    you can
  6. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    you're both wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4OLQB7ON9w#t=2m54s
  7. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    the point of ending an air combo with j.2c is for getting oki. it did shitty damage in CT so it'll be even worse damage in CS which is pretty gay.
  8. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v3r0cGCVmg#t=7m40s uh....does 6a 5b j.b j.c dj j.2c only work on rachel? last time i heard, j.2c didnt connect off of j.c in CS
  9. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    i was talking about tier whores in CT that only picked her because she was amazingly good, i wasnt talking about CS. if thats a true statement, that's whats up. i was also thinking about using tsubaki. rachel, litchi and tsubaki all day son, yayuhzzz litchi's combos are too steezy to not do hella damage
  10. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    i'm doubting there will be a breakthrough with rachel that will make her amazing again or even good, but condemning a character after 12 days of the arcade release doesn't really make any sense. i guess this is where you can tell the difference of the people that mained rachel because of her character and the people that just wanted to ride her coattails to victory in CT. the later is fine, there's nothing wrong with playing to win.
  11. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    it worked didnt it? nu did it in CS. btw i edited my post with the rest of those videos
  12. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    i think we have to get out of the CT rachel mindset and create a whole new game plan for CS.
  13. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Litchi Changelog

    i know right? litchi was my second in CT, and more people wanted to play my rachel than my litchi, wtf is that lol?
  14. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    rachel sounds too bad ass in CS to be tager tier. why is arc system works so bad at balancing games
  15. ArkiveZero

    [CS1] Rachel Video Discussion

    daaaaaaaaaamn, man who was that rachel player that fought the noel? he has some steezy fcking combos.