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  1. I hear you're the best noel in existence and are known throughout the blazblue community for your skill and immense tactic. Can you confirm/deny/teach me noel ?????

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. she's all yours then

  4. you kinda disappoint me

  5. Easier combos, higher average damage, actual mixup from 236D. Things are looking good. I'm currently translating a huge thing about the 236D mixup. Stay tuned.

  6. I'm never the least bit serious. "Top BB player" is in itself a contradictory statement. I'm ass. <3 youuuuuuu

  7. Slayer. Slayer? ?!?!?!?!?!! D:

  8. I feel horrible for the sheer volume of visitor messages you get.

  9. Since Blade won't show you his amazing graphic design work. I've taken the liberty of showing you some myself. ISN'T IS GLORIOUS. THE ORIGINALITY OF AN "EVIL" VERSION OF A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. OH MY. That smudge tool electricity must have taken MINUTES.

  10. AAAAAAA How did I miss you on this forum? You actually play this shitty game? Oh my. (also hi :3)

  11. Second half has GORO-CHAN~ Edit: Also, I swear, LK sees the future occasionally (or just reads too much BBS). I keep seeing him mention these litchi tidbits, then I see them in matches two months later.

  12. Seriously. I was overjoyed when I learned that the next hour of my morning was going to be ruined thanks to this ranbat.

  13. Cake is right. Ogopogo is pretty low tier as far as lake monsters go. Even Tahoe's "Tessie" ranks higher on most lake monster tier lists. Also, thanks~

  14. Bang has 26f of recovery on 2D. It's difficult to punish. Just block and run away some more.

  15. I'll make a tao chart once I have more than one tao to play against. I honestly feel this is more in the 6-4 range though from pure theory-fighter.

  16. Oh dang. Mod status get. Best upgrade that avatar.

  17. Depends on where you are. Also, thanks to lots of bullshit, I can't go tonight. Tomorrow will work most likely though.

  18. Near Palm Springs, yes.

  19. Where did you gooooo? o: