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  1. I just started playing it again recently on my ps3 (my first play through was corrupted on my ps2 with only three more levels). Besides being pissed I had a serious backlog of games to play (rpgs tend to do this to me) so I just went on to the next game. I wish I could tell you, though I believe from the few I did you don't get anything.. Just extra missions to complete for fun.

  2. i bought grimgrimoire about a month ago,i completed the story but do i get anything from doing the extra missions?i was thinking about completing them(abd i will)but right now im trying to finish xenosaga.

  3. the xbl general thread? also kiyo deleted his posts...should be in pages 300-320.

  4. hey what was that thread called when kiyo made an ass of himself? edit: "nigga if it involves FG then its full of nigga's and asians. lol marvel." and while were at it,what is FG?

  5. *copied from post #95 in sub-forum Rachel vs Tager* (CH 2c - 2d - 5b - SJ j.b - j.a - j.b -j.c - DJ j.2c in case you don't know it.) I didn't know it,but now I do and have you to thank.^_^

  6. since i heard the balance patch is coming out i figured i might as well main rachel again.

  7. Yeah, i'm planing to learn her, once the dlc was available ... Noel is very hard to play on CS X( and Tsubaki's so much fun XD ... Hope Makoto play style fit my taste, so i will have the 3 stooges on my rooster lol

  8. makoto uses tonfa,just like eri.^-^

  9. not your kinda game huh?Well that's a shame. Guilty gear was like the only game I used to play when I first joined.then blazblue came and I started playing that with my friends,but since I had no next-gen systems I started downloading fighting games like efz bigbangbeat and meltyblood.I never expected iamp to become my favorite.ofcourse guilty gear is the game that got me into fighting games in the first place but since we don't play it like we used to iamp's pretty much all i got.

  10. i've played it twice in my life

  11. Due to the nature of our discussions, it is better for the world's mental health to not disclose or release the entire dialogue to the outside world. I hope you can pardon my troubled soul. -Genow