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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=a_p4Hlii8OU#t=3961 this merkava does 5aaa without doing auto combo and i cant figure out how
  2. How do you chain 5a into itself without going into auto combo?
  3. I demand this to be recreated in Why's basement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMzctxG8UFU&feature=related I'll be the blue one.
  4. An announcement from JonPaul Inc. ! We are glad to present to you Pokemon Cards ver. 1.07 Apology Edition. This new re-balancing of all 30+ decks includes the addition of new challengers to the battlefield and improved versions of old Pokemon! Misdreavus, Tornadus, and some weird new-gen Metapod with a cone of shame enter the arena! Below is a list of Changes made to each deck. Players take note! Not all of the changes made are included in the list below! See if you can find any secret buffs or nerfs! CHANGELIST: System Changes: -Moves thats target all Pokemon in play are now limited to one opponent's pokemon in multi-player. (Self-Destruct and other explosive moves still hit all targets.) +Koga's Metapod can now use its Pokemon Power to find any beedrill because there is no koga's beedrill. Deck Specific Changes: Aerodactly Deck (No Evolutions Deck): +Added Tornadus +Added Leftovers +Added Greatball Tyranitar Deck: +Swapped a Skunky for a Poison Skunky -Removed a Cubone Draw Cards Deck: -Removed some Pokemon that didn't draw cards. +Added Amulet Coin. (Attach to a Pokemon. Draw a card each turn as long as it is your Active Pokemon.) +Added a bunch of Trainer cards. Eevee Deck: ?Removed an Eevee+Vaporeon family. There are now only 3. +Added a Challenge! trainer. +Added a Hyper Devolution Spray. Brock's Deck: -Removed a Vulpix and a Fire Energy. +Added a Brock's Ryhorn +Added some Trainer cards. Blaine's Deck: +Added a Blaine's Charizard Dark Deck: -Removed a The Boss's Way (The boss is now slightly less gay.) +Added a Dark Alakazam. Bench Switch Deck: +Added a Narrow Gym +Removed the shitty Machoke Bench Attack Deck: +Added Bunneary -Removed Diglet + Dugtrio Self-Destruct Deck: +Added some gdlk Electrodes +Added 4 Defenders Sabrina's Deck: --Removed Dark Alakazam. Erika's Deck: +Added Erika's Vileplume. +Removed some trainers that help the opponent. Typhlosion Deck (Energy Retrieval): +Added an Energy Gym. -Removed a Rapidash + Ponyta or something probably. Poison Deck: +Added an English Dark Arbok (Language buff.) Status Effect Deck: +Added a new Arbok and Ekans. (More patch notes to be released in the upcoming days, keep an eye out for them!)
  5. if i ever see you coning im going to kick your ass
  7. i will. Also, for every person that defeats me in a FT3 in kof13, i will announce my love for a band of their choosing on facebook I'm also calling ups on the cuddling with crown setup
  8. dont feel bad, kof combos are hard lol
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvYcaWSFFaI Guilty gear poster sighted. That is all. nsfw.
  10. There is one near Windsor, CT that is pretty terrible. They didn't give us silverware even when we asked for it.
  11. Yea, uh, I still haven't gotten my food. HOLE LEE SHIT
  12. Shoutouts to the stream for starting to work after everyone left.
  13. just a reminder that casuals are tomorrow