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  1. bjholmes2

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    I know what he means; he's having difficulty connecting j.214B#. I had similar problems; I would either cross the opponent up or miss them altogether. Here are some things that I've observed: - If you cross up your opponent, that means you started pressing C too early and started the j.214B# too low. Wait a little longer so you can be pulled a little higher. - If your combo before the launch is too long, it will fail at some point. - Don't be afraid to improvise. If you see that you messed up in your combo, resist the temptation to keep going and try to end it with something that you know will work, even if it means sacrificing damage. - Practice, practice, practice. There are some characters that can be learned in one day (CT Hakumen and Tager), but Hazama isn't one of them. Just keep trying until you can nail your combos and setups every time.
  2. bjholmes2

    [CS2] Hazama Online Play

    This thread is for anyone who plays as Hazama to post their online handles so others looking to fight Hazama players know where to look to find them. When you post, please also include your location so others can know what kind of connection quality to expect with you. Xbox Live bjholmes2 - bjholmes2; Powder Springs, Georgia Klaige Revant - Klaige; West Des Moines, Iowa KrisDF2K - DF2K; Western Canada Zearoz - Ouroboros; New Hampshire Aftermath1349 - Aftermath1349; Peachtree City, Georgia pchu13 - PCHU; Jackson, Tennessee Ghaleon109 - ghaleon109; Moreno Valley, California PhoenonX - PhoenonX; Michigan Terumi the Hero - Edge Reaper; Arlington, Texas FlyingVe - FlyingVe; Southern Illinois iRhino v2 - PapaRhino; Michigan NoSoapRadiohead - Ghost Beef; Murfreesboro, Tennessee Infectellect - Infectellect; Cincinnati, Ohio RedefinitionVE - Redefinition; Oregon AtaeruCDX - AtaeruCDX; Houston, Texas Fox Pocket - Fox Pocket; New York Pyro90x - Pyro90x Seon Panther - Xill; Michigan HepatitisZed - PSOInvictus; Montgomery, Alabama asianpride528 - asianpride528; Pasadena, Texas drillkid31 - drillkid31; Indiana NeWxGoD - piskooooo; Philly, New Jersey DarkJester916 - DarkJester916; East Sacra, California Oreo Wolf - OreoTheWolf; Bel Air, Maryland xI TageProto Ix - Tage*Proto; Denver, Colorado Scilin - Scilin; Longmont, Colorado mikeomak - Mikeomak; Binghamton, New York BlackblazeQ - BlackBlazeQ; North County, Montana Playstation Network ZhePrime - ZhePrime; Northern Europe Marthwon - Marthwon; Eastern North America Shahenzan - Goldnail; Southern California BastianKnowsBest - ikeTATARI; Tucson, Arizona hotenjin - Black Onslaught; Michigan PhoenixBR - PhoenixBR; Rio de Janiero, Brazil not_kidviper - kid viper; Texas Jacomus1220 - Jacomus; Oceanside, California Ekleipsis-XI - Eclipse; New York DecoyPengiun - El Tigre; Arizona Nu_me_ro_gai_jin - Numero Gaijin; Atlanta, Georgia J-Man_MKII - J-Man; Statesboro, Georgia K-9000 - Kane; Manchester, United Kingdom kazukifafner - kazukifafner; Toledo, Ohio redsilversnake - redsilversnake; Austin, Texas TaiIs340 - tailstreeforty; Newnan, Georgia Zinac - Zinac; Lexington, Kentucky ixRenegade - ixRenegade; San Jose, California AlmightyNam - AlmightyNam; Falls Church, Virginia Zephyl - Zephyl; Bellingham, Washington GBauer_ - g.Bauer; São Paulo, Brasil AJSmith325 - AJSmith325; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Athrael - Zomby; Boston, Massachusetts Mata-retro - Arifureta; Berkeley, California
  3. Don't worry, it's not so much that the game is more difficult, it's just that the system is different. We all need time to adjust. There is no "easy" way to learn, you'll just have to practice until you can't get it wrong. I tell ya, Hazama was not easy to learn. I'm still flubbing his BnBs after a whole day of practice. Also, Hakumen is very different.
  4. its cool... I'll start this later ASAP.

  5. I'll let you do your own thing, but just let me know if you need any help! Thanks for doing this, by the way!

  6. awesome...I guess I'll start the transfer tomorrow or the next chance I'm on. the video archive is gonna be a pain though.

  7. Sounds good! I'm excited about tomorrow; we'll be able to get so much information flowing into the forums!

  8. did you see my post in the tager forum...a few changes to the forum. for starters a combo thread and next video archive thread. the general discussion can be used to discuss things not match up specific. and the combo thread to talk about some great possibilities.

  9. bjholmes2

    [CS1] Hazama Combo Thread

    Aren't we all.
  10. Thank you very much for keeping up such a fantastic combo thread in the Hazama forum! I greatly appreciate what you (and everyone else active in that forum) have done in there. "j.214B#"? Genious. Also, lol @ 10k Tager combo. I'll learn that first when the game is released. ;)

  11. bjholmes2

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    There is still a glitch that logs out anyone who follows the link from the guides to the forums.
  12. bjholmes2

    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

    I haven't really tried the online play yet, but this game is amazing aesthetically; all of the sprites and illustrations are actually smooth.
  13. i totally agree with your 'rant' in the SFIV thread Dx