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  1. Can someone link me any resources regarding Cross up Protection? Wanting to Proof Check my own findings on bypassing it. I found some in the Chipp Section and May General Disc. Page 17, sadly the YT Links in there are not working.
  2. Haha, I feel your pain on 4S. Should have made it 6S. Gotta undo years of block back habit now. :/
  3. whoops, youre right. thx for correction
  4. First Xrd News of any kind (right off the bat as a in-game Trailer) was also shown during Tougeki (after AC GF had ended?). Name 2 Big, Prestigious Tournaments pre 09, and you´d hear Evo and SBO Tougeki. So a Evo Dizzy Reveal (or something completely unexpected) could be highly possible.
  5. http://allgamesdelta-media.s-ul.eu/FFVCtmgu this? Looks like Story Mode.
  6. Just like to add, the 1 with after the super is Boss to set up up. Wont see that one much from Zato around the world, but the rest is standard for (veteran) Zato players. There were plenty more opportunitys in that vid to set up the UBs. But all his opponents had Nerves of steel to not break during Zato + Eddie rushdown (or decided to block all the way and pray he doesnt use a CT)
  7. chun_li1

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    He has a big YRC input window (up to roughly mid travel distance of his GF) and his projectile travels slow. I can do POINT BLANK CLOSE S and still get the YRC. Or to top it one more, dash in 2H, GF all at shoving range.That shit is just wrong. Rechecked it in Pmode, 50% Meter start.
  8. chun_li1

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Is there any normal or certain spacing on some normals, where we can cancel into SE and still get the YRC on SE? I cant believe we have to do a raw SE to get a YRC. I look at Sols GF YRC and Im like, wtf is this shit? Missing ma good old SE FRC
  9. chun_li1

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Youre trying to get Air stun edge out ASAP after IAD? If yes, cant doing anything about it since SE and VT motion overlap each other. Gotta wait for the IAD Input to be "deleted" in the system, wait for buffer to refresh or you will still have the forward motion there when you start doing 236. Have to do Air SE very late, any earlier and you get Air VT.
  10. chun_li1

    [Xrd] Elphelt Gameplay Discussion "The True Best Girl"

    IB grenade Toss, then FD jump out will still have the UB shot hit you. Powered/UB Shot AoE is even bigger. It will hit just barely hit you in the air, but low enough for the grenade explosion to float you afterwards. Maybe certain smaller character can escape. I know Chipp cant.
  11. chun_li1

    [Xrd] Elphelt Gameplay Discussion "The True Best Girl"

    Messed around it a little more. So normal Reload is twirling the rifle. Perfect reload does a very short animation. Kinda looks like she lowers the rifle a little b4 aiming the rifle again. Much faster then normal reload. No special FX or anything when you do it.
  12. chun_li1

    [Xrd] Elphelt Gameplay Discussion "The True Best Girl"

    Its just an extra animation. Looks like she twirls, spins the Rifle, then starts to re-aim it. No perfect Reload = you leave the Stance.