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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTvIBYMDsUw There are gonna be so many videos ;__;
  3. I asked before but no one replied, if I'm not entering any games but I'm still in the venue, do I still pay registration? Because if I do, it doesn't allow me to without joining a game.
  4. I'm not entering any games, can I just show up and start doing my business? The registration requires me to enter a game if I want to do a general register.
  5. I have my own complete free-standing setup (With ASUS 236H, PS3, and game), I can bring that if its a problem. As for teams, unless its completely separate from the tournament/BBCSE schedule, I probably can't do it :/ You should record it though Huey :3
  6. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110377812407743&view=wall&notif_t=event_wall
  7. Well, I dont really have a schedule, as long as BBSCE doesn't run the exact same time as the tournament, we're pretty much good. I might hop back and forth between setups, but I'll just pull wires and run if that happens, its not too tricky. Uhh.. get on facebook? :3
  8. Top 8/4 will be free lol, just STOP PUNISHING WITH 5A D:<
  9. I can and will make it like usual. BUT with one exception. Northwest Majors is a week away after this NCI. On that note, there is no freakin way I can upload that many matches within that allotted time, So I'm unfortunately going to have to do only top 4, or top 8 depending on the turnout, but I highly doubt there are going to be many players. I also kinda want a break from hitting the record button over and over lol.
  10. Wait GGJ you're going too? You know we have room in the Norcalmobile I think D: I might take up c0r's offer for a place to stay, but I'm not sure how that's gonna work if there are two separate rooming situations. Some PNW guy is gonna have to lug me around and the rest of the Norcal crew stays with Huey? Not too sure. Btw this is taking place in downtown-ish right? Natsukashii =w= I used to live in Shoreline for like 5 years, its gonna be nice to see all dem pine trees again :3, plus I think we need to pay PNW back for all of their hardcore trips to Norcal lol. I heard Spark isn't even coming? Also, just waiting to hear back from Aksys about actually recording BBSCE gameplay. Just cross my fingers. And slash, thanks man. Really, all I need is the component split, and the commentary to be split WITH it so I can get that audio as well, its not too much to ask :3, I've worked with a lot of other streams (FinestKO, iplaywinner, Offcast, Level Up), and I'm pretty self sufficient, I don't ask for too much :P.
  11. Hey guys, I'm highly considering showing up here. With the player level and appearance of BBCSE, and my pretty open schedule, I think its almost mandatory I go now. I would like a place to crash if possible, if its not too late. Also, is Team Khaos streaming? I hope whatever stream team is appearing has a component splitter.
  12. RinHara5aki

    [CSE] Bowling Ball General v:3

    Is there gonna be a combo thread for extend? We should gather combos that we see in videos now for later. corner -> dash -> 5b -> 3c -> 22c(1hit) -> 5d~5 -> j5.d~a -> 6a -> 4d~a -> 6a -> 236cc -> 2d~9 -> ender ???
  13. Yeah, honestly guys, for all of the crap we went through in SNCI, the Willy/Crosell/Orion combo tore through those brackets amazingly. I vouch for James on the brackts :3 Yeah Crosell, you can sit on my computer and push buttons all day =w= JUST DONT START THE RECORD LATE >:3
  14. Well, tommorow I'm trying for my drivers license. If I get it, I'm coming to NCI for sure, and I don't need a ride, but If I fail the test then I'm gonna need a ride.. again. :/
  15. RinHara5aki

    [CS2] Makoto Nanaya's Combo Listing and Discussion Thread

    To do it unconsciously? Yeah three days at least. I assure you mid-tournament you cannot get that in one minute lol.
  16. If you're using pad you should use the trick lol If you're using stick, that means you're hitting the quarter circle to early/slow and the game is only registering the 6 part of the 236. Do the 236 JUST before you land and the next 6 right as you land (Depending on how well you delayed your 214j.b -> JC -> j.D, you can even do it a little late and still get away with it :3 I remember Omni told me this at Revelations awhile ago, "The motion is actually not that fast.". Don't over speed it :P
  17. Wtf why are everyone's panties all bunched up I lol'd at this xDD Honestly, Miyako kicking capcom might be little harsh, but is IS the truth. NCI is capcom free, and might as well be proud of it. Coopa, you should take Tauntloop off forever, just letting you know, Kurushii has completely disappeared off the face of the earth, and I don't see him coming back any time soon. Filling the brokentier spot is easy for all the nitpickies out there. Eyedrop the orange, wand in the little diamond spot, brush. :3 Also Coopa, get at me on AIM for dat HIGH RES melty logooo :3 EDIT: WTF Catherine was the most hype shit if it wasn't there it would be a stream monsters nightmare, they ate that shit up so much. And it actually does takes a ton of strategy, as well as its a nice break from all the fighting-ness....
  18. Alright, Im not sure what my chances are of going to this NCI, but its pretty high because at that point I'll be jobless, so I won't have a schedule. Chun let me know that since Blazblue isn't the main event (I'm kinda glad, a lot of people complained about that), that I'll need to make my own setup. That's fine by me, but we just have to make sure there are not going to be many crossed-over commentators, because I'd like someone commentating BB consistently if possible.
  19. RinHara5aki

    [CS2] Makoto Nanaya's Combo Listing and Discussion Thread

    Yeah, Omni said it. 236 just before you land, and hit 6 on landing, that should buffer it well enough for you to dash ASAP when you land so it won't bluebeat. Oh I thought you meant an extra 6 on top of the other 6's, mash the dash much? Yeah, people tend to use one or the other, but using both may get more accurate results. I hate the half-circle motions too. Even Satoshi dropped one during Revelations. You're welcome? xD
  20. You might be able to reverse the order and use D-pad 236 -> analog 6 and make it work, I haven't tried that ;3
  21. RinHara5aki

    [CS2] Makoto Nanaya's Combo Listing and Discussion Thread

    You mean like 23666? o_o? If you're talking about doing it normally, it's really difficult depending on the pad. Regular sixaxis doesn't detect neutral fast enough, so all I keep getting is just 236. Also the occasional dash 6a and dashless orb are annoying as hell, you see that doing it normally does not work at all for me in the video. It's just a technique, no one has to use it lol.
  22. RinHara5aki

    [CS2] Makoto Nanaya's Combo Listing and Discussion Thread

    You're probably not using a pad, but this is still a nice trick to make the 2366a-d combo's braindead.
  23. I put you on the BB video community links on my main page. It seems like Kurushii evaporated and left Tauntloop for dead, so I'm putting your consistent uploads up instead :3 http://www.youtube.com/thebbvlog