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  1. Hey tao I'll be done with the video pretty soon, I've been pretty busy, so sorry T^T I'll just post it as "Advanced", and if you come up with even more rediculous combo's later, i'll make and "Expert" vid :P

  2. RinHara5aki

    [CT-CSE] Taokaka Netplay General

    Please add my XBL gt Final Round, I dont have the PS3 version of BB on me all the time :< XBL: RinHara5aki Thnx
  3. RinHara5aki

    [CT] Taokaka FAQs

    I wasn't really sure if I should've posted in the video section or here, but I'd like higher level Tao's 'round here to critique my match. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6yb6PZCja8 I'm still workin hard with Tao, but there's always room for improvement. I think I need to do a little more work in the air, I think I stay on the ground too much.. And I defend at the wrong times -__-..
  4. RinHara5aki

    [CT] Taokaka Match-up Thread

    Yeah, usually huge advantage against Tager. If you 6D~B around him, you're uuussually sure to get an attack in since most of his attacks are long start up and ends. The only other advice I can give you is WATCH FOR HIS SPARK BOLT METER. It'll completely throw you off if he hits you, because its an extremely fast, and it covers across the stage. As long as you see he has a full meter, you can be a little more careful with it.
  5. XD ahhh ok. Sorry for the mixup :P

  6. RinHara5aki

    [CT] Arakune Beginner Guide (How to make bees out of sarcasm)

    Dont play Ara much, but uhh... this about sums it up huh? XD
  7. Are you the same Mystic that I played at the Sunnyvale GL tourney? if it is, whatsup? :D

  8. RinHara5aki

    [CT] Taokaka Combo & BnB Thread

    Does anyone know any good combo's starting with 6A that AREN'T taunt combo's? I've been catching alot of people off guard with it and the combo's I pull off after prorate poorly, and the damage sucks balls....
  9. RinHara5aki

    [CT] Taokaka Match-up Thread

    I WISH it would, it would be godly then. But it doesn't. Here's an easy .jpeg of the tier list the guy posted above~ I haven't played the game long enough to throw in some of my input, so don't sue me for opinionated matchups -__-