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  1. Hey you gonna send that logo?

  2. I put you on the BB video community links on my main page. It seems like Kurushii evaporated and left Tauntloop for dead, so I'm putting your consistent uploads up instead :3 http://www.youtube.com/thebbvlog

  3. We're workin on Render correctly translating it for us. Or else its just gonna be Mori talking in Japanese the entire time. btw your PM box is full :v:

  4. TL hasn't replied to me. I'm sorry man.. I think you have the right to send hate mail and just let it go :[ Dunno what to say 3:

  5. Naw, I can't say who made the video, but I did a little clean up, and put in the HD Blazblue clips into the video. Glad you enjoyed it :3

  6. Alright well, we should start getting cars filled up and schedules done, before we have some catastophic failure. Dunno if we should do it in the Norcal thread or in the revelations one though :v: Yeah, I heard. Jared texted me, and I was salty I couldn't go :(

  7. OAO DEREK?! I haven't seen him in awhile :333 So you're not driving this time?

  8. Hey David, where should we start posting for organizing rides to Revelations? We should start now, just to get cars planned out and stuff. I'm not flying down there, so I have to hitch a ride. The only thing I'm getting free is registration and tournament entry (But I'm not even playing lol)

  9. Maybe If its super basic, but its not gonna have a lot of flash effects.

  10. Well, I'm reaaaaaly busy with Revelations and Skullgirls right now, Butif its super short (Like 30 seconds) I might snap that in somewhere in my schedule

  11. yo your avatar is great :3

  12. Oh also let vet, spark, and the rest of the pnw crew know about blazing NCI/revelations! :3

  13. I'll TRY to get them done before NCI5..

  14. Pretzelwulf I can't believe there are people that actually dont think low of this abomination of a man. He says the stupidest shit and people don't even notice. It's almost like everone is as stupid as him :v: WHERE ARE THE JUSTICE TROLLS?!?! :vbang:

  15. I never know when you reply, you should comment on my profile :3 She's hard to play because her combo's need consistent timing with drive cancels. a/b/c canceling your D attacks unearth a whole new level of combo's, with more damage. The thing is, that its a 3 frame window to hit that button, which is 1/20th of a second. So if you watch MysticD or me start taunt looping, every drive DOWN after the taunt, its a 1/20th of a second timed input, x12! :3 Not trying to make her sound scary, its really easy to do if you memorize the timing, then it becomes second nature! Are you making the next NCI at SJSU?

  16. Remember to grind- -BnB, basic and reliable combo -A WTF combo, some wierd shit that no one has seen before -6k+ Full on Fatal combo, the best damage you can dish out :3

  17. Herroooo are you alive :v:

  18. Well, there are plenty of Tao users, but a lot get discouraged because they either lose a lot, or she's very difficult to learn. Its A LOT of practice, grind her a little every day! :3 I've been playing since June 2009... and I'm still one of the worst players in the Bay. I'm more of a FPS guy (Call of Duty, Halo, etc.) :/ Yep, you're the only one brave enough to play :3 STAY THAT WAY

  19. Ahahaha :lol: Yes, for you drive loops, you tried to go one too many! So you flew awayyyyyyy instead of ending it ^w^ Maybe next time we can grind some combo's, you're playing one of the most difficult characters in the game, don't be discouraged! Keep training! :3 There are other girls that come to watch, but never brave enough to enter. YOU'RE A HERO ( 0w0)7

  20. I was high on the tier list? xD

  21. Wow, Hawaiian name, Filipino and Mexican? WHATS GOIN ON?! @~@ I think its great that you keep playing! I can see you getting good if you practiced more, no joke! you have some drive links down, all you gotta do is end them with j.2d~6 -> 236bbbbb! If you want any more reason to play, this was my first time playing, EVER. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36z6LI9QgEo , we all start somewhere! Better see you (AND BRING MORE PEOPLE WITH YOU :3) at the next NCI!

  22. Alright you got two different questions I'm getting confused xDD HDPVR setup should be relatively easy, there are instructions. Just plug in the power, plug the firewire from the back to your computer, and make sure to have a PS3 COMPONENT cord. If you dont have one, pick it up at Gamestop or someething. If not, you'll have to go me and Coopa's way, and pick up an HDFURY2 as well, which is an additional 150$ to convert an HDMI cord into component. As for streaming, I watched Coopa run it with a program called Wirecast, but as for me, I have no idea xDD, remember, I record, not stream. That would be a Coopa, or better yet question for Haunts. Actually, don't ask Haunts, he gets annoyed by that now lol. If you're still having trouble setting up the HDPVR, my Aim is gamingrinkus