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  1. Prototype909

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    More Bullet changes - Bullet's drive will always "bounce" off the opponent, even in red-lock, red lock does not leave her in a +frames state Distance to which Bullet bounces off is increased from CPE (2B does not reach after landing) Miquelet Capture -> 6B works in the corner (Reverted to CP 1.0 status?) Afterburner (No charge) seems faster
  2. Easy/Lazy way to do this is to set the CPU to jump in training mode, try to knock them down and then do the mixup of your choice. If they're able to get off of the ground before you hit them then there's a gap big enough for them to take "meaningful action" to stop whatever you're doing. Of course this doesn't help with invuln reversals.
  3. Hurt her corner combos how? 6P isn't used in her corner routes?
  4. Takeaways from this set of patch notes thus far - JD series has the same untechable time as it is in 1.0 but landing recovery is increased by 4f. Corner loops are probably still possible, but there will be less reps and some other silly combos involving j.8D are probably gone. Sword set recovery reverted to 1.0 but you can now "strike" swords to prevent them from setting. They're obviously trying to kill Ramlethal's "Harass with swords while running away" style of play, but at least she still retains her okizeme and "setplay" options this way. Fair changes even though i'm curious to see just how much leeway characters get in terms of "striking" the swords or what the window is. In a better state than the first test to be sure but obviously still weakened. More changes will probably be listed out soon enough.
  5. You should be doing j.2S as low to the ground as you can, right after you are able to act coming out of the jumping animation. If they're able to tech out after the 5HS before reaching the floor they're too high up.
  6. Don't count on anything close to a simultaneous patch for consoles, the point of the update is technically to get people to go back to the arcades. Probably going to be a few months before the update comes to consoles I'd guess.
  7. This version is still this version. She's still one of the strongest characters in the game and nobody can know how many of her current nerfs (If any) will stick in their current form.
  8. Have any of the notable JP Ramlethal's spoken about the changes yet? I know Daiji allegedly had some comments early on but anything more?
  9. Changes certainly seem targeted at changing the way she is/was being played, Arcsys either wasn't satisfied or didn't intend for her to be running around constantly setting swords I feel like (Sword recovery nerf is indicative of this, the j.8D thing was an obvious problem and it's no surprise that it was nerfed). The changes to sword recovery, should they go through, are probably going to change a lot of her neutral game and mess with a lot of her combo routes in the corner (I doubt you'd be able to do wall stick into j.2HS land c.S for instance anymore). My hunch is that they want her to have to play with swords equipped more, but the problem is that the way her normals interact with one another that isn't really desirable at times which is why you saw people mostly setting air swords so much from fullscreen. Green Dauro change is especially strange though, I don't see why after so many other characters and even the system received QoL changes resulting in specials and reversals being made more lenient that they would then make Green Dauro more strict though it's possible that the translated changes just haven't been qualified very well and that they've actually just made it more consistent rather than more strict. It's just the first loketest though, I wouldn't be busting out the coffins and RIP hashtags just yet. If the goal of the changes is to simply make her a character that is more healthy to the game then I think that they're going in the right direction, the only question then should be if they're actually able to make her strong in this version of the game after the changes go through.
  10. The way most JP players play her mid screen is just small poke strings into either sword set or backdashing/air backdashing away and then starting over. So it's usually a lot of stuff like 4PPPP -> Something -> Set or just like Poke -> Set and so on. You'll rarely see people just do extended target combos on block. Ramlethal basically "wins" or at least puts herself in a very favorable situation to win the second she brings you to the corner, so you don't really need to take any unnecessary risks trying to just throw yourself at your opponent with extended blockstrings.
  11. Unfortunately there's no real answer to this aside from "Learn stick". Playing GG on pad is definitely possible, but you're going to have to find workarounds for a lot of things.
  12. Poke with f.S (When sword is equipped), jump/dash around with j.P, throw out a sword occasionally and test their reaction to it being placed and respond accordingly. She's not a "run in and push your buttons" type of character, it's a lot of poking and converting off of errant hits to set up for bigger damage off of her mix-up.
  13. Is there any trick to getting close enough to make the 5PPP and subsequent enders any easier after multiple j.8D loop reps?
  14. Against Bedman I'm pretty sure you need Ps in the IAD reps to keep him from falling too far, been awhile since I tested it. Not sure about Potemkin
  15. They're likely taking the route because it's impossible to actually convert Green Dauro PK PK PPP on characters that are too light. I'm pretty sure you can actually do Green Dauro PK KPP PPP on lights like Millia but the timing is strict and it might be a corner only thing. Also if they fly into the corner rather than midscreen you can convert into the IAD loop easily after the j.8D