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  1. aria of dusk

    T11: Canadian Fighting Game Championships - Sept 3rd-5th

    Noooooooo Josh haha you guys finally come down here and I have to GTFO ;__________; Oh well hope you have an awesome time! Try Tea Shop 168, they have amazing toast
  2. aria of dusk

    T11: Canadian Fighting Game Championships - Sept 3rd-5th

    Moar like... Wisconsin <_> But this just means you guys should run more GG events @ Gety
  3. aria of dusk

    T11: Canadian Fighting Game Championships - Sept 3rd-5th

    Aww... I'd come up for GG and SF4 but I'm gonna be out of town that weekend <_> Maybe next time ~
  4. Sometimes people on stream chats have good ideas. Like today on the Souper Bowl stream, someone was talking about Capcom vs Guilty Gear (that would be Aksys?)
  5. Hey lady! Awesome that you were in NYC. I know there's a few GG players there... I'm actually on the other end of the state in Buffalo (GG so ded here T_T), but hit up the NYC thread and I'm sure you could find some casuals ^_^v

  6. Hey there cupcaaaaake <3 8D :[! We gotta hang at Evo this year! BUT OMG, I'm actually going to NY this Wed! :D I'll be in the east coast from then til Sunday. ;^; Where the GG scene at?

  7. <3 No it was fine! This EVO was a bit rough at times. I just wanted to get the hell out of Vegas by the time Monday rolled around, haha ^^;

  8. No worries lady it was awesome seeing you guys ^_^

  9. Thanks for the add, sweetheart- I had a great time with you in vegas. sorry if I came off as alittle weird at times, I'm just very shy... Do your best at Uprising! :)

  10. Thanks for the add, hun-- I had a great time with you at EVO, and I hope that I did not come off as a bit mean at times, especially before I/we left...I was just feeling a bit emotional (for once) and slightly irritated:( Good luck at Stryfe's tournament<3

  11. aria of dusk

    EVO 2010 Tournament Results and Shoutouts

    Hey everyone, this is Natalie (plum Jam/Ryu). Thanks for the shouts <3 I had so much fun at this EVO and can't wait for the next. I got some great matches in...nice seeing everyone come out to support GG. Shouts to my girl Stryfe, Ky-Sama and Sol Bumguy (awesome girls' night out with you guys... I wish we had gotten to play! hoping for that online GG ^^), Cristina (wish we had gotten to play more!), TaoFTW (our tournament match was fun as hell), Spiteful and the AZ crew, A3 (thank you for your support of my business model), the guys who ran the tourney (sorry we didn't get to do teams! maybe next year), and anyone else I may have missed. I've got some post-EVO plague going on right now but I'll be good in time for Stryfe's upcoming tourney Uprising. EVERYONE GO
  12. I don't mind bitter teas... sometimes I'll go to the Ten Ren shop in Toronto and get some straight iced Jasmine Green... it'll knock your sox off x_X I think it was the light flavor that didn't do it for me. Glad you're liking it though! I rather like straight rose (like this ) and lavender's pretty good too.

  13. More bitter teas can be softened by straining it through a finer collander. I believe that was the problem with your sakura.

  14. Glad you liked it ^_^

  15. Thank you for the tea, Madam. It is delicious.