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  1. ShinsoBEAM

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    ^^^That throw combo 2 is consistent on everyone but Ky/Zato/I-No/Venom. That being said it has character specific timing as well so ha...there is no escape. Go back and try my list though, none of those should be hard, any route that starts with 2H(1hit) has no timing at all and works 100%. That last combo with 2S>2K is lower damage but it also works on Ky/Ram/May/Millia, it's dead on equal damage to throw combo 2 video you linked and easier.
  2. ShinsoBEAM

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Spent sometime working on optimal throw RC combos midscreen against the whole cast so I have something to work with and can figure out more how 46P>K works, I got something good consistent on everyone except venom. Throw>RC,slight delay 5S>S>2H(1hits)>46P>K, dash 8j.S>dj.S>j.H>j.236K>delay charged j.214K(1-2hits), land dash 5S>2H(2hits)>46P>P Elpehlt/Sol/Ky/Ram/May/Chipp/Millia/I-No/Slayer/Venom:N/A Sin:198 Johnny:196 Leo:196 Pot:172 Faust:195 Bedman:169 replace the first 5S>S with 5S>2S, you may also microdash it and gain 3 damage. Throw>RC,5S>2H(2hits)>46P>K, dash 8j.S>dj.S>j.H>j.236K>delay charged j.214K(1-2hits), land dash 5S>2H(2hits)>46P>P Some small timings on the first 5S>2H>46P might need delayed. Elphelt: 194 Ky:194 Ram:199 May:198 Millia:221 Zato:205 I-No:202 Only do 1 hit of the first 2H Slayer:176 Axl:202 Only do 1 hit of the first 2H Jack-O:197 Only do 1 hit of the first 2H Jam:198 Throw>RC,22S,2S>5K>2H(1hit)>46P>K,dash 8j.S>dj.S>j.H>j.236K>charged j.214K, land dash 5S>2H(2hits)>46P>P Sol:180 Chipp:224 Can't get ANYTHING consistent on venom except Throw>RC,22S,5S>S>9j.H>j.236K>delay j.623K>charged j.214K(2-3hits), land dash 5S>2H(2hits)>46P>P 175 damage, please help.
  3. ShinsoBEAM

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Updated FB and MB tier lists http://exvsrank.ninja-x.jp/exvsmb_30.html They are putting Harute at 1star A right now so middle of the pack.
  4. ShinsoBEAM

    [FB] Online Matchmaking & PSN List

    I'm look for a teammate to matchmake team ranked with...I'm available eastern 7-10pm mon-thurs and completely open the other 3 days. I'm willing to learn pretty much any suit if you want me to play something specific. jp PSN:Shinsobeamsensei or message me on dustloop.
  5. Yeah I was really asking about funnel placement mostly. Like if you shoot out 2 funnels do you normally place one side and one back? Or Both side? does it depend? which side do you pick, the one you believe they are moving in or the opposite one?
  6. How do people use their funnels properly, I normally see like 2 used at once all the time but how do you place them do you go like front back or do you try to read how they will dash?
  7. WZ-TV seems insane too...but far less insane when it doesn't have the no fun allowed bubble, so I just kind of count the seconds and when it starts no fun mode I just play very defensive so it like makes sense to me how to play around it. Norn just feels like a constant barrage of really good beams and blue balls, then it has the shotgun mine things and a gerobi for kicks. I feel like there is some way I can abuse it's reload to use that to have some aggression but every time I try I get stopped by one of it's subweapons. Another thing I'm finding very frusterating especially playing on US shuffle...in cutting for my teammate getting meleed when he is fairly high up in the air. I feel like most of the time I'm just wasting shots and should just wait until he lands to get a landing punish I see alot of players run in for a melee though. I know it's something I'm just going to have to get used to but am I correct in my assessment of just let them get comboed unless I have an easy cut or we are going to lose the game...and just do a landing punish or is there positioning thing I'm missing that I could be using when I thing this is about to occur. I'm noticing with Turn-X at least if I see a melee about to occur sending my parts out is effective and just canceling if my teammate wins. With Gunner Zaku I feel like if I have a full charged gerobi and a spare second(enemy landed behind something) I can normally cut even if they are at an awkward angle. But most of the time if everyone is flying high in the air and I try to follow I feel like it goes poorly...but if I just sit on the ground waiting for a punish my teammate dies.
  8. How the heck do you even fight Norn?
  9. Yeah I tested this out while playing with master using my feet, if only we had a record function , seems to work well enough which is really all I needed.
  10. Sounds good I guess I should of been more specific I actually don't really have too many issues against suits like Quant on wakeup...or even that new dragon gundam thing that isn't dragon. It's mostly ones that have a side whip like Master/Epyon/Full cloth(when it's powered up). That's the move in particular I feel like no matter what option I pick...except block I lose to that.
  11. What am I supposed to do if a strong melee suit is sitting right on top of me, and my teammate is not assisting?
  12. ShinsoBEAM

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Not as weird when considering they didn't have any Age suits until Maxi-boost.
  13. Why do Masters/Epyon's try to melee their partner so often at game start? Is there something I'm missing I thought blocking your partner didn't build boost anymore?
  14. ShinsoBEAM

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    When's Darkhound?
  15. What suit should I play to learn 3k fundamentals with I'm not really interested in any of the current 3ks,but I feel I need to learn the skill?