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  1. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    The way I mostly play Zappa is have people try to come at me. They usually end up running into crap especially with the Ghosts and Sword. I only rush down when the time is right. At that point its game over cuz his rush down is soo good.
  2. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    Holy crap!!! Good stuff Scream.
  3. Zoogstin

    [CSE] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    My gosh that is so brutal. I don't feel too sorry for Tager seeing as how I hate fighting him.
  4. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love: Series Renovation. AC Edition!!!!

    Its just too bad of a quality.
  5. Zoogstin

    Zappa Videos (all versions)

    Man I almost feel bad being a Zappa player right now. Dat sword is unbelievable.
  6. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    Sad times. I saw the list yesterday as well. Kind of makes me sad but the sword still looks like its going to be pretty strong. The dog nerfs still seem a little much but I guess it will be okay. Also it sucks that his summon no longer gives him orbs.
  7. Zoogstin

    Zappa AC Combos

    Getting the midscreen infinite is not necessary. its something I would learn at some point just cuz its relatively easy.
  8. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love: Series Renovation. AC Edition!!!!

    Hey Phrek, GG's online is horrible, I live in Georgia and you live in New York. This sounds like a horrible idea but maybe we could get some matches in as well when you get power back. It would be nice to fight against another experienced Zappa player. We've been playing for years so it would be nice to see where we're at (minus the rust). If the connection is even remotely bad (which it probably will be) we can stop.
  9. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    Zappa's too hard of a character to bandwagon. You have to put in a lot of effort if you want to actually take advantage of his S+ status.
  10. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    New tier list. Zappa players rejoice: http://fgamers.saikyou.biz/?GGXXAC%2BR S+ Zappa S Faust, Chipp, Kliff, Millia A+ Dizzy, Axl, Jam, Eddie, Order Sol, I-no A Venom, Robo Ky, Johnny, Slayer, Anji, Ky B+ Sol, Bridget, A.B.A, Baiken, Potemkin, Testament, May B Justice
  11. Zoogstin

    [CT-CS2] Carl Clover Video Thread

    Aaaah good times...
  12. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love+R (the theoretical AC+R thread)

    I like it.
  13. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love: Series Renovation. AC Edition!!!!

    Yes there were no changes gameplay wise.
  14. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love: Series Renovation. AC Edition!!!!

    You have to think Zappa's 6P differently. His 6P is a great anti-air, I use it all the time, but not in the way that you think. If you anti-air with Zappa's 6P 9 times out of 10 it won't hit your opponent until they land. At best you'll catch them off guard when they land and you can go into a ground combo, at worst they'll block it. BOTH of these situations are good because you are put at an advantage. Every time you successfully anti-air with it you turn the tables and now you're all of a sudden putting on the pressure. Zappa's 6P won't get you air combos but instead ground combos. The only time 6P will get you an aircombo is on counter-hit which I fish for alot. Zappa easily has one of the most versatilbe 6P's in the game because its really great against ground normals as well. There are a lot of mid to high ground moves that Zappa's 6P will beat thus getting your a counter hit. If Zappa has no summon you would obviously combo into his summon Sword: Normal hit from 6P: 6P - 5S - 5HS (2 hit) 6P - 5S - 5HS (1 hit) - 63214HS Counter hit 6P: 6P - 5S - 2HS (1 hit) - jc.K - jS. - dj.S - j.HS/D Ghosts: On normal hit 6P: 6P - 5S - 2S - 5HS - 236S (you can frc to continue the combo) On counter-hit 6P: 6P - 5S - 5HS - 236HS (you can frc to continue into an air combo) As far as air-to-air moves, his j.P is respectable for catching your opponent of guard or through anticipating your opponents next move. Other than that remember one Zappa has the sword, j.S and j.HS become really good air-to-air tools.
  15. Zoogstin

    Zappa Love: Series Renovation. AC Edition!!!!

    The dog can only get hit when it is attacking or asleep (he turns into a puppy and is actually sleeping). The only exception is when you do 4D with the dog (the back flip). He can't be hit during that animation either.