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  1. I actually noticed that not long after I posted that last message. >< Anyway, expect to see me online soon. I've been offline training a new character.

  2. Actually if you click forum and go to the bottom you will see who is online and whose birthday it is, and it happened to be your bday lololol

  3. Thanks! I have no clue how you found out it was my birthday, though. o-o Did you just randomly happen upon my profile the exact date of my birthday, or do you stalk me?! LOL

  4. Crrrrrrrriiiiiiiippppp happy birthday

  5. I'll leave any kind of artwork to people who actually know and like that sort of thing. I do need a new avatar, though. -hint hint-

  6. Maybe you should learn how to use Photoshop and make a better avatar. =D

  7. Hopefully we can attend some tournaments before then, too. I'm up for any you can find.

  8. Next year ill be doing it with Hazama, and if not, ill take you and you'll do it with Lambda.

  9. Nice occupation. Too bad it's true. :c

  10. you can have Lambda. ._.

  11. Go ahead, but I'm going to sneak into your house at night and the only thing you're going to hear is Jayako HOUTENJIN, before your bed smashes through your roof, with you on it.

  12. should I sub Lambda? >B]

  13. Yeah, dude I know this is a little late but thanks for looking out for me and correcting my mistakes, alot of times I don't think before I post so again you have my deepest thanks.

  14. The original prize was to give ME money so I could buy blazblue but I decided to go with something a little more sinister >:D (visitor #666 after all) I also gave a curse to Arakune and he seems to be enjoying it a bit too much :I:

  15. Was hoping for a cash prize but, I guess a curse is fine.