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  1. Coren

    [+R] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    ~2D xx BHB lvl2 AC FRC IAD j.D, land c.S JI 5HS HJC hj.SHD JC dj.SHD xx BRP lvl 2 ~2D xx BHB lvl2 AC FRC [D], 66 GB lvl1, 66 j.HD j.HD xx BRP lvl2 ~2D xx BHB lvl2 AC FRC, 66 GB lvl1 AC, GB lvl1, airthrow reset -> stuff
  2. that signatures old,by now i should know not to run into bullets. still though,cant really beat normal and higher without continuing. i was this close [(me-this-happy ending)←about that close] ,really i was. but what i find challenging is actually iamp,those combos are friggin hard,and about 80% of them are impracticle.

  3. Touhou isn't that hard; there are far harder smup's out there. The best advice I can give a newer player is to not over move; the more you run around the more you put yourself at risk.

  4. Coren

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    It's 623B xx 623A The timing can be a little tricky to get used to at first.
  5. Coren

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    If you dash in you can get a 6H > 6H RC 6H> 6H RC RI Which is pretty lulz.
  6. IAD j.B is a pretty good way to get in. You can also put them on the defensive by throwing out j.236D. Run up 5B and run up 2A are solid approaches. 236C gives you plenty of time to rush on in too. Try tossing out 5D and iceballs and make them come to you if need be.
  7. Happy Birthday, you magnificent bastard.

  8. Coren

    Join my Tourney Damn you!

  9. Coren

    [CT] Jin Combos and Glitches

    Old news, doing 236D is a good way to make 6B safe and continue pressure.
  10. Coren

    So I herd u liek melty blood.

  11. Coren

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    421D, option select 214D get away on crossup/ 623D antiair on not. It's horribly unsafe and rather gimmicky. and the standard option select throw break.
  12. Coren

    [CT] Jin Combos and Glitches

    It's not actually not a bad midscreen combo off of 6A or neutral throw; it's old, but still a good combo. But I hate Sekkajin combos because I can never mash the exact amount required, I always mash too hard or too little.
  13. Coren

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    Yes, but if you're having trpuble landing it just do the superjump, the added velocity should help connect the j.D faster; by which I mean I know for sure you can do the same combo with a superjump and it'll work as I do it frequently. Also try jump canceling and chaining faster, you're wasting time falling if j.D is whiffing. Or you know, do a different combo.
  14. Coren

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    Try it with a super jump. Or go for [combo]> 5C > j.CD > Airdash > j.BC icecar.