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  1. Back in the AC days: - Anji's 2D into S Fuujin didn't combo on the heaviest characters - Faust could simply crouch walk under some butterfly okizeme setups - HS Fuujin into Rin loops would quite often miss on Ky at certain distances And in Xrd Sin's 6HS whiffs on crouching Faust and May (maybe changed in Revelator, but I don't know, haven't had time to play it yet). All these things pissed me off to no end but I still got over it. I don't think this needs a fix, this game always had wonky hitboxes and things that wouldn't work on specific characters for whatever reason, hence the need for character specific combos/setups. A character as strong as Millia is probably fine anyway and it's not like 6K is her only mixup option for overheads...
  2. Even in France games still come out in English despite the Toubon Law with only localization of manuals and promotional materials, especially for digital platforms such as Steam. But strictly speaking they should be localized in French. I don't know why many games are still released in English despite this, maybe they just don't bother suing the publishers who don't respect the law since there are many, or maybe some EU law overrides it somehow. Anyway some publishers like EA for example interpret the law very strictly and never release non localized games or contents in France. Also, not directly law-related, but not releasing a game in French can actually be a big deal for many of the French player base. Not for the fighting hardcore game fans of Guilty Gear of course, but attracting other people to the game is difficult without a localization. Just guessing here, but the hardcore player base alone probably won't sell the game well, so they also have to consider the cost of localization and/or local publishing vs the potential benefit they can get.
  3. It's kind of both... I don't think all the countries in Europe have that requirement but France for example has the Toubon Law (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toubon_Law) and others probably have the same kind of thing. And yeah SCEE's regulations are also a pain in the ass for the reasons I explained above. Plus Sony terminology for the same language can also change sometimes depending on the region (Britsh English vs American English, French vs Canadian French, etc...).
  4. Some people here seem to think that localizing a game doesn't take that much time, but having been working in the game localization industry for several years now I can tell you that the localization process is far from being an easy and quick task, especially for a medium-sized developer such as Arcsys. Simply translating a game the size of Xrd should take at the very least 2 full months (wild guess on my part here) to be done properly. Many game companies especially in Japan underestimate the time needed for a proper translation and cut this time period to say, a mere 1 month. This of course leaves less time for a proper proofreading and only brings more problems for later, thus delaying the whole thing even more. I don't believe Arcsys is any different (although they may have done things differently for Xrd) and even big companies who should know enough about localization often come up with completely retarded impossible deadlines for translating their game, which means having to use 5, 6, 7 or more translators and several proofreaders just to complete the job on time with all the problems that ensue. Anyway, once your game is translated you can't simply release it like that. You need to "debug" the localized version of your game that is to say having native speakers of the translated language check the implemented text of the game for text overflows, implementation errors or context mistakes. When the translators work on the translation, they don't necessarily have access to the game and don't always know where the text they are translating will be used and how long it should be, and even if they do they don't have time to check this for every single line. This is why such problems have to be fixed at this step no matter what. Add to this the fact that the writing style is probably very different in some parts due to having used many translators, and that some typos or grammar errors have probably slipped in, and you have even more things to fix during debug. The above mentioned translation bugs need to be reported to the developers, who then have to fix them and update the version of the game, and then the native testers have to check again in-game that every bug they reported have been fixed. This process can drag on for weeks or months, especially since fixing some problems can sometimes create other problems elsewhere. Then once your game is "ready" you have to send the rom to Sony for review, and these guys are absolutely unforgiving if you don't respect their terminology rules for Playstation-related terminology to the letter. Failing to pass the review can delay the game some more, which means that in any case you need at some point to spend some more time just checking very thoroughly if the Playstation terminology has been properly adhered to throughout the game. And in the case of Europe, this is even worse, because you need to do this for a lot more languages. Some countries in Europe just require that you localize the game in their language to release it there. I believe you can get around that somehow with a digital release but I'm not even entirely sure. Oh and you also pretty much need to have a publisher for the countries in which you want to release the game, and to localize at the very least for digital release the store description in each language in Europe that is supported by the PSN (IIRC, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish). So here it is... Now you know why Xrd still isn't even really entirely released in Europe. lol For many developers this is just too daunting of a task. Anyway that's my two cents, but just to say that localization is something that takes time to be done properly. Although for the case of Xrd in particular, considering that they managed to release their game in English almost simultaneously with the Japanese, I'm pretty sure that they are taking the localization of this game very seriously and that there shouldn't be too much worry about Revelator. (at least for North America that is, Europe will probably end up getting screwed as usual lol)
  5. I'll do Sin's changes just because: 6P: - Is now jump cancellable - Recovery increased from 15F to 18F Hawk Baker (623S): - Makes opponent float even when hitting from longer ranges - When hitting from longer ranges, untechable time is the same as for a close range hit - When hitting from longer ranges, the pushback is shorter (I guess 吹き飛び stands for pushback, but correct me if I'm wrong) (Personal note: I guess those changes on Hawk Baker basically mean that you now get a clean hit from any range as opposed to only close range before) Elk Hunt (236K): - Active frames up from 5F to 6F - Recovery down from 12F to 11F - The move's hitbox and Sin's hittable hitbox are bigger when the attack comes out - Damage proration of 90% added when the move hits as a first hit - Opponent floats higher when hit Air Beak Driver (j 236H): - Landing recovery removed RTL (632146 H): - Fixed bug that caused Sin to stop in place when performing followup motions at high speed (that's the time scam thing here)
  6. It's not really a matter of whether or not the game is already balanced enough, this is simply business. Arcades are customers of Arcsys as well, if they release the same game as the console version then there is no real point for players to play the game on arcades anymore, and arcades themselves get screwed. Actually every new console release for such games is pretty much bad news for arcades, so they can't afford to have the console version being more up to date than the arcade one for too long. So yeah, this cycle may seem stupid, but actually it makes sense if you look at how the Japanese market is and what the local player's habits are.
  7. Dream Maker

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    Axl can only chain Haitaka attacks up to 6 times, after that he is forced into his stance exit animation (which takes quite some time). So if you wait for that, you should have enough time to approach and at the very least reach a distance close enough so that it's not safe for him to use Haitaka anymore. Trying to escape or break-in at any other moment is pure suicide in my opinion, at least for most characters.
  8. That would definitely be abusable, Anji's double butterfly for example should be piss easy to pull off with this bug. Combo video makers are gonna love this though. ^^
  9. Dream Maker

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    I'm sorry I took so long to answer back, was tired from the traveling and had to restart working right after so I couldn't really find the time to write a post here. So, to get back on the discussion with Zidane about Anji's neutral and okizeme game : Osuna pretty much said what I thought about the wording to describe Anji's okizeme. The thing we have to pay attention to however is for future episodes not to use inferior wording to describe Millia's oki for example, in order to keep some overall consistence. But for the rewriting of the Anji episode we will anyway use milder wording to avoid any confusion. Regarding Anji's poking and neutral game, my impression is that you are now exaggerating its strengths on some details pretty much in the same way that we probably did make it look weaker than it really is and didn't convey things properly in the original video. First, I can agree that the best rewards Anji can get in terms of damage are definitely from poking and neutral game situations. Actually, you get his best in terms of damage from pretty much anything that leads to a fuujin, FB rin combo as early in the combo as possible, be it a 5S, 2S or 6S counter hit, a 5HS to counter an opponent whiffing a shorter range poke or even a plain HS fuujin. The simple reason for that is because the lesser hits in the combo before going to what really does damage (fuujin, FB rin combo), the better damage you get. But there is no actual proration in the okizeme that causes damage to drop. Or at best it depends on what tool you used to open the guard (3P, 2S, 2D, butterfly hits in themselves for example do NOT have proration, but 2K does) and then you do lose some damage due to the butterfly hits lowering the guard gauge, but nothing that makes an okizeme from a 3P opener that much inferior to a combo from a 5S poke. Now, you don’t actually get occasions for big combos from pokes that often. Particularly when you’re fighting characters that can shut down Anji’s pokes pretty easily because they have an overall superior poking game (Axl), have ways to absorb/protect themselves from pokes with shit (Eddie) or have so fast pokes or movement that you can’t allow yourself to throw some 2S and 6S without taking the risk to whiff and get your pokes stuffed in the meantime (Slayer/Chipp). Now these chars I put in parenthesis are only a few of many matchup examples in which Anji just can’t afford to use his mainstream pokes mindlessly and has to be very careful, patient and look for openings or other ways to break in (with well timed IADs for example). While it is true that against some of the cast you can sometimes zone effectively with Anji’s pokes, there are many examples where you just can’t, which also led us to underline the shortcomings of his neutral game. Also regarding autoguard making his poking game better than other chars, I don’t really agree either. While it’s true autoguard somehow helps its neutral game I believe it is wrong to say that his pokes are better than other chars’ because of that. The 5 autoguard frames that 6S has aren’t what essentially makes it a good poke in AC and +R (even if it does contribute for sure), but rather its range and wide hitbox. I can’t count the number of times I got successful CHs with this move without even autoguarding anything. We’re not in the Slash and Reload days anymore with the old 5HS that was made godly by its 7 well placed autoguard frames. By the way, what other good poke is there in AC and +R that is good and has autoguard other than 6S ? The answer is simply put, none. Finally, mentioning 80-90% combos with Anji is misleading, considering you can’t get such combos with him unless you’re able to seriously crank your opponent’s guard bar (which in AC is difficult due to 5S not building guard bar, and in ACR people have more life overall) or unless you’re fighting Chipp and being very generous in rounding your percentages. It’s true though that Anji is capable of very solid damage (I believe I mentioned it in my original explanations for the making of the vid, but it wasn't in the final script) and IMO he’s even in the upper end of damage dealers in +R thanks to some of the stronger characters of AC losing a lot of their bullshit. Anyway, I agree by know that the vid we provided definitely had some issues in it that are due to the wording we used and the way we chose to present things, and I want to apologize for it as I have my fair share of responsibility in it. We’re working on a better version which I think should be a lot clearer, precise and less absolute about the opinions put forward in it.
  10. Dream Maker

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    @Zidane : Hi and thanks for bringing the discussion here so we can clear things up. I don't use twitter at all so I'm not very informed about what is going on here and I don't have any means to answer there. Reading your comments it actually seems to me that there is a big misunderstanding that is mostly due to wording that we used in the vid and how you and other people understood the info. It's also important to add that the video was supposed to be short, so we couldn't keep everything and tataki had to make choices on what to keep and how to rewrite and group some things to make them go into shorter sentences. I see what your points are and I can actually agree with most of them, but seeing what you wrote I'm now convinced that what you consider to be wrong in this vid is either due to a misunderstanding, a problem in wording or opinions on the character. And certainly not mistakes due to not checking the frame data or not understanding the game. So let's get into this now : 1) What is mentioned as "sub-par" in this vid aren't the pokes in themselves. It was more about the neutral game as a whole, including the abare and the rewards. We mentioned 5S, 6S and 2S as pokes because they're good, but also tried to underline what their flaws are. 1a) I'm pretty sure by experience that depending on the range you hit and the position of the character (standing/crouching) you can't always chain 2S into 2D, even in +R with the improved range on 2D. Same thing for S fuujin, not mentioning that you need to go through a nagiha FRC to combo into something, the followup of which is also range and/or corner dependant. 2) Tools in themselves aren't mentioned as weak (although we did point out their weaknesses), it's the overall neutral game that is said to be subpar mainly due to rewards on poking being dependant on a lot of factors. 3) Misunderstanding here again, not safe to use wasn't supposed to be understood as unsafe on block. The frame data you put forward is true, but in practice people can and will punish every single of those followups if they can anticipate them correctly. 27 and 21 frames plus a big FB flash for Rin and FB Rin respectively are more than enough for the opponent to see and put a quick low and I can guarantee you that in my experience it does happen. Same thing for nagiha without any FRC, and the P followup that can be punished by a jumping attacks as well as for the hop that is beaten either by a throw or a fast move depending on the distance. Can you use FRC on some of them to make them totally safe ? Yes. Can you delay or mix up followups to make them harder to anticipate and to react to ? Hell yes. Can you use fuujin as a pressure tool without knowing the flaws that all it's followups have and without mixing/delaying to make the guess harder for your opponent ? No, and that's why we felt it was necessary to mention that there were dangers in using it. But again, wording, lack of space, need to make choices and to drop some explanations. 4) Yeah, but again this was mainly supposed to be about oki, and our mistake here was that we didn't choose a better setup to show like a meaty or a butterly-covered one to show the situations where K Kai really is safe to use. 5) Again, there seems to be a divergence in wording and maybe also of opinion/experience. I won't deny that Eddie's and Millia's okizemes for example are miles better than Anji's, however to me he's well above most of the cast in this area and the butterfly provides him with a lot of great options provided you know what your opponent can do to counter them so that you can limit his options and try to condition him to blocking. This post summarizes pretty well my method of okizeme with him (http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?15785-Butterfly-pressure&p=1459994&viewfull=1#post1459994) and so far I rarely had problems as long as I succeeded in making my opponent pay for trying to escape if he tries. These mixups are tight enough to limit their options and have enough variations to keep them guessing. I can understand why you would qualify as lackluster if you mean that is pressure isn't safe from FD's and all the numerous defensive means that this game gives. But honestly most character in the games are like that (Millia and Eddie are exceptions), yet the majority of them don't even have half the options Anji can get from a successful okizeme with the butterfly. In the end all this story makes me think that these forums in general lack discussion and debate that would have cleared problems like this, and would have helped a lot in building some common knowledge that pretty much the whole community can agree on. And also that maybe a format with several contributors would have been more suitable to avoid things like this. Tataki did put a lot of time and energy into this and I'm quite disappointed to see so much negative criticism on it while the problem actually seems to lie more in misunderstandings and opinions than anything else but whatever... That's it for now, I'm open to discussion if you want to discuss more of this, but I won't be here for the next day as I will be traveling.
  11. Dream Maker

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    Yep, it's actually very useful at point blank to gain damage from a non prorating low as 2D into S fuujin, FB rin doesn't work on every char. But if you use 2S as a poke and want to combo from there this isn't possible most of the time.
  12. Dream Maker

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    That's correct, didn't mention the crouching and I should have, but it's harder to chain into 5H in reaction to crouching hit due to the weaker hitstop. Also you can actually link 2K into 5S (not a gatling combo but 2K recovers fast enough to allow it to connect) but 2K has some severe proration and the range on 5S isn't great, particularly in AC so you can't combo if you hit with the tip.
  13. Dream Maker

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    I've been off for a few days, didn't think that would end up like this, so since apparently people here consider that the info I provided is wrong I decided to drop in and try to clear things up. I'm really surprised honestly since AFAIK all the hard data in the original vid script is true if we don't count what is mostly related to "opinions". But anyway, to go on what seems to be the most recurrent complaints about the script : - 5P as far as I know is mentioned in the anti-air section. It's an excellent move indeed not only as an anti-air but the fact that it doesn't hit low stance characters prevents it from being spammed too much. It has a lot of specific uses against certain moves and against potemkin in general, that's true. Did this need a specific mention, I dunno, it depends on your judgement and what you want to include in what is after all supposed to be a very short tutorial vid. - I mentioned the Kai problem to Tataki several times during the writing of the script, and I didn't originally present him the info like that. IIRC I mentioned K kai as an okizeme use for meaty and P kai as a situational tool in pressure. He wanted to keep the Kai/dust mixup because he saw it in some vids, so after I talked to him about how this sounded weird he did put "small frame advantage" to take into account the very small frame advantage and the fact that when IBed the moves (K in particular) aren't safe. The setup shown in the vid is indeed not practical at all, but we ended up agreeing that this would only be an example of what you can do, and since it is in the okizeme section people were supposed to understand that this wasn't to be done without shitsu cover or a meaty setup. I don't want to sound like I put the blame on him for this though, this is indeed my fault since I was responsible for the final check of the script and I probably should've pushed harder to have this removed. - For the supbar neutral game : this is indeed my opinion on his neutral game and I stand firm on it. Tataki already brought this up to me saying that "people" were disagreeing with me about Anji's neutral game being "bad" so I sent him this back : "I stressed it got better in +R, the improved 5S alone does a lot of good to him and while bad may be an overstatement (never said that word about his neutral game though, more like mediocre or sub-par) he's still lacking in that department comparing to other characters. If you look at AC, his best pokes are 2S and 6S, which are decent pokes but have pretty big recovery and can only be confirmed into 5H if you want to get damage, which can whiff sometimes due to pushback/spacing. To be true though, fuujin HS is indeed a very powerful and cheap move. A lot of people who don't know how to deal with it or have not incorporated any counter measures against it in their gameplay actually get fucked up by it pretty badly. If that's what people call a powerful neutral game I can't agree with that, while it's true the move is pretty spammable you can't afford to base your neutral game on something that can expose you to a very harsh punition everytime you use it." To add more details on this, you should also note that 2S and 6S don't chain into anything good unless you net a counter hit. Anyway I'd really like to know how you guys see his neutral game and what you disagree with in this small "analysis", maybe that would help clearing the misunderstanding on what is after all nothing but an opinion and my own one (opinion that I saw shared by at least some players in the japanese BBS for whatever it's worth). Anyway, it also seems to me that you guys didn't get the guy you wanted to do this job, and don't like to have someone else you didn't know do it. I'd say in my defense that I've been playing Anji for years in Japan as well as in my home country, some people who played against me here and there know that I can perform well with the char and while I'm indeed very, very far from being able to enter Tougeki-level tournaments, I can handle myself in Japanese arcades. I've been contributing to the Anji boards here for the last few years a lot while it would have been clinically dead otherwise, and never saw anyone disagreeing that strongly with my statements. Which you should have done if you honestly think my advice is shit because I'm pretty much the only guy to give advice and help over there for the last 3 years or so. Tataki needed someone for the job and I thought I had what was required to do it, I don't know if someone else did apply or not but when I did it looked like he needed help for this. I want to apologize to him though for the shitstorm this caused.
  14. Dream Maker

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Please ignore the above post, I just found out what I was looking for after a long time searching on google.
  15. Dream Maker

    GG official art and sprites (and chibi GIFs) thread

    Hi, I'm looking for the in-game character select screen name artworks sprite rips for A.B.A. and Order-sol in slash/AC, like this one : I've already been able to get most of them through guiltygear.ru's sprites packs but unfortunately A.B.A.'s and Order-sol's weren't in. Well, I've actually been able to get the isuka one for A.B.A. but I'd prefer the one from the regular series and I'm still missing Order-Sol regardless. Thanks in advance if someone can help me with that.