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  1. zenken6

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    ciel loops are better, but are more situational due to finicky hitboxes and more strict starters (ex: no matter what i can't seem to find a way to get a more damaging corner dust variation with only ciel compared to the traditional combos, so the only main ways i know of are RC ciel, RC dipper, RC throw, GS, or CH SVT/HSVT). you can do some really cool stuff out of them though, like DC sacred edge after 2-3 reps, then run up SC for knockdown + oki again. idk if the tradeoff of meter is worth it for the damage though...lol
  2. zenken6

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    read the doc. it's alright although i don't have too much to add myself, aside from like 2 things. - when i hit a corner dust, i prefer to do 5D6 -> c.S 6P 5H GS 2H VT c.S ciel. i think the damage is about the same compared to c.S 6.P c.S 2H etc, but the big thing i find with it is that you can get ciel ender vs lightweights (the girls). it can be a little finicky based on distance, though. - i think maybe with matchups, you should have a list of strong normals in neutral? like for example, 2D is notably strong in the millia matchups, beating pretty much everything except 6K, which then gets beaten by f.S. might be able to just cover that in the normal explanation section though. could probably think of more, but i'm a little tired.
  3. j.D bat x3 in the corner looks cool! also i'm dying at that 22C at 25:00
  4. that formation looks way better for defensive purposes honestly, i guess not as good if you used them to rush down though? overall it seems likes a buff, although it might depend on one's playstyle
  5. Nope still alive even despite an unhealthy lifestyle.

  6. zenken6

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: HideyoshiGender Location: Atlanta, Georgia Main: Baiken
  7. oh man I forgot that you're even still alive.

  8. nigga happy birthday

  9. CP Platinum is hype. I'll actually end up playing the game this time, instead of skipping it like CSEX. Also since "Magical Heart Catch" is the name of her overdrive, they better be keeping the Cure Sunshine color for her, or I will be mad.
  10. zenken6

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    You guys should do more random surfboards. They're pretty legit.
  11. zenken6

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    So I played some Platinum mirror matches with a friend last night. I learned the SUGOI strength of bubbles and lows.
  12. zenken6

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    Watching her crouch animation makes me think that some SUGOI flowers are gonna pop up from the floor, B.B. Hood style.