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  1. Iloveasy

    South Carolina?

    What's up, i played zack and dan for awhile recently. I wouldn't mind practicing with you. I haven't done the taunt loop consistently yet though. :/
  2. o u have nothing to worry a bout i havent praticed him. i only played litchi and carl. im gonna use u as my test subject

  3. I just wanted to mess with u and tell u that as soon as blazblue comes out tuesday im predicting a dead Arakune by Bang's hands lol

  4. Iloveasy

    How to airdash after the Chemical Love

    How can you drop the coolest character ever?
  5. Keyon and I drop'n by to say hey

  6. Iloveasy

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    I don't know, Hakumen would be nice.