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  1. Can you go today for the Noel tourney?

  2. Senliten

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    Well Tao's urges sure went.......... rising. *rimshots*
  3. Senliten

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    That would make for a killer wall poster.
  4. Senliten

    Blazen! ~ The BlazBlue Sprite Comic

    Well Tager has become quite the chick magnet
  5. 2 & 8 Long live the 3D's Sorority
  6. Am sure everyone would try getting in on it for just dat ass obv. Also I second what Kuru mentioned about hoodies/beanies.
  7. Lil question, seeing the big and tall older shirts are about $2 extra. Would that go the same for the current pre-orders on the 3X Mash & Tiger shirts? Or are they $2 off primarily due to being pre-orders?
  8. No love for the deeper south, jeeze Name: Josh/Senliten/Sin Location: Benning/Columbus, GA Travel: Mooch my younger sis's ride at times, but yeah I guess Main: Noel Secondary: Hakumen Skill: so-so, drop various things with noel or start combos that only turn sour after startup. Hakumen is another story of his own <_< Tags are to the left, PS3 will be the lucky one to receive CS when it comes out (only CT for the 360 atm)
  9. Senliten

    [CT+CS1] Noel Match Videos & Discussion

    mmmk loaded up for me now, anywhom as for the vid, needs moar revolver blast =P
  10. Senliten

    [CT+CS1] Noel Match Videos & Discussion

    Anyone else able to get this to load? Seems youtube doesn't like it