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  1. ZeroKunoichi

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    I have been doing triple gauntley RC's and those are fun or triple D RC's or Triple 5B, 5C. Doing RC's on Ragna is hella fun.
  2. ZeroKunoichi

    [CT] Ragna vs v-13-

    That's why ragna be cool with some sorta projectile!!! Blood Cannon! eats 1% of HP each use!!!
  3. ZeroKunoichi

    [CT] Ragna vs Jin

    Try to IB when he has you in the corner and jab out of his 6C or do a counter attack and lose 50% Heat. That's why when you IB you gai 3% of heat and it's basically for counter attack for cases like this. That's the way to get someone off you if you like your Burst.
  4. ZeroKunoichi

    [CT] Ragna vs v-13-

    Yeah that's the basic thing to do if not you have to do an instant jump to airdash to get closer quickly when they do the 5D