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    BBCP Arcade Profile Site Rip

    First of all I want everyone to go and tweet Jiyuna and tell him thank you for letting me use his Nesica account to get these images. Without him I wouldn't of been able to provide everyone with these. I know a lot of people, including myself, have been wanting to see this stuff. As the new characters come out i'll add to this. Feel free to discuss the stuff in here but keep it mature! Enjoy everyone! Character 1-6 Default Palettes These are every palette available by default. Amane: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Amane/BBCP_Amane_Palettes_1-6.png Arakune: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Arakune/BBCP_Arakune_Palettes_1-6.png Azrael: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Azrael/BBCP_Azrael_Palettes_1-6.png Bang: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Bang/BBCP_Bang_Palettes_1-6.png Bullet: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Bullet/BBCP_Bullet_Palettes_1-6.png Carl: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Carl/BBCP_Carl_Palettes_1-6.png Hakumen: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Hakumen/BBCP_Hakumen_Palettes_1-6.png Hazama: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Hazama/BBCP_Hazama_Palettes_1-6.png Izayoi: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Izayoi/BBCP_Izayoi_Palettes_1-6.png Jin: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Jin/BBCP_Jin_Palettes_1-6.png Litchi: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Litchi/BBCP_Litchi_Palettes_1-6.png Makoto: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Makoto/BBCP_Makoto_Palettes_1-6.png Mu: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Mu/BBCP_Mu_Palettes_1-6.png Noel: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Noel/BBCP_Noel_Palettes_1-6.png Nu: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Nu/BBCP_Nu_Palettes_1-6.png Platinum: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Platinum/BBCP_Platinum_Palettes_1-6.png Rachel: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Rachel/BBCP_Rachel_Palettes_1-6.png Ragna: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Ragna/BBCP_Ragna_Palettes_1-6.png Relius: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Relius/BBCP_Relius_Palettes_1-6.png Tager: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Tager/BBCP_Tager_Palettes_1-6.png Taokaka: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Taokaka/BBCP_Taokaka_Palettes_1-6.png Tsubaki: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Tsubaki/BBCP_Tsubaki_Palettes_1-6.png Valkenhayn: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Valkenhayn/BBCP_Valkenhayn_Palettes_1-6.png Character 7-16 DLC Palettes These are every palette available that a user has to purchase to use. 1-6 is free and isn't view-able on the site. Amane: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Amane/BBCP_Amane_Palettes_7-16.png Arakune: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Arakune/BBCP_Arakune_Palettes_7-16.png Azrael: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Azrael/BBCP_Azrael_Palettes_7-16.png Bang: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Bang/BBCP_Bang_Palettes_7-16.png Bullet: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Bullet/BBCP_Bullet_Palettes_7-16.png Carl: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Carl/BBCP_Carl_Palettes_7-16.png Hakumen: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Hakumen/BBCP_Hakumen_Palettes_7-16.png Hazama: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Hazama/BBCP_Hazama_Palettes_7-16.png Izayoi: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Izayoi/BBCP_Izayoi_Palettes_7-16.png Jin: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Jin/BBCP_Jin_Palettes_7-16.png Litchi: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Litchi/BBCP_Litchi_Palettes_7-16.png Makoto: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Makoto/BBCP_Makoto_Palettes_7-16.png Mu: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Mu/BBCP_Mu_Palettes_7-16.png Noel: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Noel/BBCP_Noel_Palettes_7-16.png Nu: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Nu/BBCP_Nu_Palettes_7-16.png Platinum: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Platinum/BBCP_Platinum_Palettes_7-16.png Rachel: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Rachel/BBCP_Rachel_Palettes_7-16.png Ragna: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Ragna/BBCP_Ragna_Palettes_7-16.png Relius: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Relius/BBCP_Relius_Palettes_7-16.png Tager: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Tager/BBCP_Tager_Palettes_7-16.png Taokaka: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Taokaka/BBCP_Taokaka_Palettes_7-16.png Tsubaki: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Tsubaki/BBCP_Tsubaki_Palettes_7-16.png Valkenhayn: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Valkenhayn/BBCP_Valkenhayn_Palettes_7-16.png Icons Icons take a lot longer for a user to collect as they have to purchase them as well. Sadly it's a gacha system where you get a random one each time. So you can only view the default one of the set you pick one. Thankfully the icons used a lot of the same abbreviations that the character palettes used so I was able to pull a lot out that Jiyuna didn't have purchased yet. Majority of the sets are complete but a few like BB-Radio, Novel, and Items are missing a good amount. Amane Astral: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/amah/ BB-Radio: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/bbradio/ Emblems: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/blazon/ Items: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/item/ Magical-Beat: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/magicalbeat/ Normal: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/normal/ Novel: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/novel/ Playstyle: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/playstyle/ Practice: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/practice/ Relius Astral: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/rlah/ Sub-Character: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/subchar/ VS Practice: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/vspractice/ Weapon: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/weapon/ -------------------- Character Image 2: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/item2/ Deformed: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/chibi/ Character Love: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/love/ BB-Radio Fan Scenes Vol 1: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/bbradio2a/ BB-Radio Fan Scenes Vol 2: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/bbradio2b/ Special: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Icons/special/ Plates Plates also have to be purchased but thankfully all of them are available to view so this is a complete set. All Available: http://kurushii.tv/Dustloop/BBCP/Graphics/Plates/
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    GGXrd Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Updated with the new icons included with the Ram-chan patch.
  3. Kurushii

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Remix Heart Ch22 (Raw) https://mega.co.nz/#!UdIjAapA!LcNTS3DbxA-PkjzDtfiQHg65SqHrUdW7BaOy_wQPbn8
  4. I play default for pad since CT.
  5. You mean GGXXAC+ and +R? GGX is a really old game. GGXXAC+ and +R have a really bare bones netplay mode. The entire Blazblue series has had a more advance network mode than what GGXXAC+ received.
  6. Jp Vita gets it first. For PS3 so far it's looking like the same day. They have to get it pretty close or it'll be a mess for online modes since the world shares the same servers.
  7. No, the v1.1 console patch is in May. It doesn't have an exact date yet. BBCP v1.1 for Jp Vita is in April.
  8. Combo videos are great entertainment but also an amazing way to learn more about the game. Since Calamity Trigger we have had many amazing, artistic videos from players all around the world. From players like MSY, Chaoto, Lush, Tetsu, SKD, SuperScience, and many more. Sadly a lot of these videos get lost in the wheels of time because of copyright infringements, deletion, or just not well exposed. We have users in the Dustloop community like Jourdal, and Pktazn who have showcased a ton of Japanese and North American videos on their Youtube channel over the years, but with YouTube getting more and more strict on uploads and shutting channels down, the majority of those videos are not easy to find. It's almost the same story for Japan with NicoNico. Some great combo videos can no longer be watched because of music copyright infringements. As someone who greatly enjoys watching these works of art, I wanted to make a centralized location to showcase all of them while providing backups in case they are taken down. This is my gift to the community and to cmv makers around the world! -Kurushii FAQ Tired of scrolling through the database to find your game? Just click on the logo for the game you want at the top to go straight to the section. Don't have a NicoNico account to watch the videos? No longer is there an excuse for English speakers to not have a NicoNico account. Since October 2012 an English version of the site is available. To register go to here. Want to download the videos? Just find the "DL" link for the specific video under the "WATCH" column, right click it in your browser, and click "Save Link As". Found an error (incorrect information or invalid link), or want to submit a video? Send me a PM here or contact me on twitter @Kurushii. Top Ranking CMV's by View Count[table] RANKCHARACTERREGIONTITLEPLAYERWATCHVIEW COUNT NoelJPブレイブルー ノエルコンボムービー「HrothVitnir」-NN130k CarlJP【ブレイブルー】カルル10割コンボ集-NN98k NuJP【BLAZBLUE】νコンボムービー【ブレイブルー】-NN90k RachelJPブレイブルー レイチェルコンボムービー 風の調律 by MSYMSYNN77k[/table] SPECIAL THANKS TO Jourdal, Pktazn, Chaoschao, zeth07, LunaKage, Urichinan, Bibiquadium, Moy_X7, Kiba, Kyle, and Psykotik for helping me with this project. Much love to all the combo video creators out there!
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    Dengeki FIGHTING CLIMAX: Announced at TGS.

    Closing, new thread thread is here http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8510-
  10. If the bat is with her then she has the huge sword swings. If they are released then they attack at their location. Haven't seen it happen. If she gets hit during their move then they stop.
  11. She'll be patched in on v1.02 which is currently in loketest.
  12. Kurushii

    [P4AU] Aigis General Gameplay Discussion

    No, the mook just came out that contains frame data.
  13. It's old news. They have stated it on their site for months that Terumi is dlc. If you want to complain about one content lock then go email ASW and complain about the rest because everything is on disc or patched in. To your other question they haven't said anything about a dlc packed release. I doubt we will see one till the version after v1.1, whenever that is.
  14. They did that for Japan so most likely NA as well. Trophies and your profile card with the wins/loss/etc. DLC and saves won't. Trophy text is based on what XMB language you had set when you first played the game. If your XMB was in English then when the English trophies became available it overwrote your Japanese trophy names. Jp version game will not get a patch for English text, go buy the NA release.
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    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    BBCP Vita Preorder bonuses have been updated http://blazblue.jp/cp/special_vita.html
  16. Kurushii

    Dengeki FIGHTING CLIMAX: Announced at TGS.

    Looks like it might be releasing on 3/18 https://twitter.com/GC_Tecnopolis/status/442947609993310208
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    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    RH CH21 Raw https://mega.co.nz/#!xBRCWIAY!LwVIX0tvWbgSqNUspOWqLk5UPcstYCuJ8UWBD6BtoP8
  18. I don't appreciate the racist comment you left on my video.

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    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    【BBCP】ハクメン、雪風&封魔陣コンボムービー (Hakumen Combos by @kaizou_001) http://nico.ms/sm23044630 【BBCP】ココノエコンボムービー 「NOW OR NEVER」 (Kokonoe CMV by Kurushii) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23045729
  20. Kurushii

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    【BBCP】BLAZBLUE相殺ムービー【Doubt the World】 (Clash Movie) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23039579
  21. Kurushii

    [Xrd] Video Posting Thread

    【Xrd】初心者向けチップコンボムービー【チップ】 (Chipp Combos) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23034420
  22. Kurushii

    [P4U2] Video Posting Thread

    【P4U2】ミナヅキ 2D始動omcコン (P-Sho Combos) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23035818
  23. Kurushii

    [P4U2] Video Posting Thread

    巽完二個人的高火力コンボ詰め合わせ (Kanji Combos) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23031455
  24. Kurushii

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    【BBCP】 ハザマ 体力吸収なしで10000ダメージ超え (Hazama 10k OD Combo) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23031291