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  1. I don't appreciate the racist comment you left on my video.

  2. Just recording. I haven't had a good connection with twitch for a while.

  3. Color loss? Nice you are shunning the second best consumer card on the market using an hdmi source lol. My other cards are older and useless. I plan to import a new card that can get raw but I wont be getting that for a month or less. Why do you need this for anyway?

  4. Course I own multiple capture cards. There is some compression with my current ones. Check the Kokonoe wiki page for examples.

  5. Thanks for posting that video. I overlooked it because it is really lacking in title and tags.

  6. Aila from Gundam Build Fighters

  7. Aila isn't a balloon, she's the best pilot evah :(

  8. Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-. It's Iona from the anime. Very good but short anime if you are into navy battles with a futuristic twist.

  9. Pretty good video except for trying to teach people j.2C |> 5A. That route is much harder and worse damage because of 5A's 77 P2. Falling j.B |> 6A route is a better route.

  10. I know, but it makes it easier to explain to them which language is Japanese for future reference.

  11. I don't mind. I need more friend safaris. Just send me your fc. I just beat the 8th gym this morning.

  12. I'm a Super Mod. I was Relius mod, but I passed that along to Hard Bread and possibly Lich as well. No I don't have the game yet. I get my copy sometime Friday. It's just my 3DS friend code. I grew up with the series but I quit around gen 4. I got back into it a month ago.

  13. Been alright, ups and downs. I'm buying X at the start. I may buy Y later to get the other legendaries.

  14. I grew up with the series. Just didn't have much interest in gen 4 or 5. I got back into it recently.

  15. Saw your post, that's actually the last of ArcRevo. They uploaded the rest of it yesterday.

  16. I can't speak for your location. For EC US it's 1-3 day average.

  17. Those videos are copies of ones already uploaded.

  18. I saw the post you deleted lol

  19. The two pages share the same data. So if one is wrong then the other one is wrong as well. Maybe I should make a tutorial for people.

  20. I don't know how you want it worded better. I used exact terms.

  21. If you are going to make corrections to data on the character page of the wiki, you have to do it to the full frame data page as well.