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  1. learn EX so that we can have casuals !! D:

  2. I only have CS lol. Don't have Extend yet. I'm poh son

  3. play me in BB lol

  4. This commentary bodying the stream chat. Loving it.
  5. Alias: AJ Name: Nick Location: Bethlehem Characters: Contact Info: PMs Other Games: NBA motherfucking Jam, SCII, T6 Sorry, I was drunk and angry when this thread was made. And that doesn't happen.
  6. Lol, thanks. -Tha Hindu

  7. Tushar is the man. This must be said.

  8. Well damn. Welcome to town. I'm bogged to shit through probably the middle of the month, but if you want to sit down for a session over a weekend at some point, I can probably scrounge up a friend or two.

  9. Moved to Bethlehem for a bit, guess im sticking to netplay.

  10. I don't feel like going to Philly either lol. Where'd you move to if not NY? I usually go to the Break for BBCS.

  11. fuuuuuuuuuck, i don't feel like going to Phili every time for some games. I miss new york lol

  12. Bethlehem is sadly dead for everything. I miss our scene.

  13. is Bethlehem dead for ggxx/bbcs?

  14. I used to play GG back in the day. Would not count on me being any good at it now, but I still enjoy it once in awhile. And yes, as soon as I pick up CS, I'll be playing the hell out of that. For now I only have CT.