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  1. I actually haven't played this game in a while but I'll be playing it a bit more since the new one should be out sometime next year.

  2. Hey Ninja, where are you near townsend? I live in Smyrna some of the time. Anyone play locally down there? Saw your post in Jin meet-ups. You get on xbl often? Would you be up for some games?

  3. I'm looking for a team if people are still getting them together
  4. Yea we did a good number of casuals before hand since I saw he knew what he was doing I was eager to learn lol. My understanding of the match up was pretty low in general. Like I do know better combos but at that time, I was terrified of being next to him cause I knew he would more than likely block alot of my stuff lol. I just knew I had to find a way in and at that time I didn't know iad would grant a CH. So I was breaking the habit during the fight (well trying to anyway). And combo wise, I'm not sure which combo(s) I should be doing, as I'm sure there are def better ones. I have incorporated what I would say are better combo(s). The only thing that made the matches last long was my defense -_- but I couldn't really hit him cause his spacing was wonderful. And he baited me a lot. Thanks for the feed back cause I need all the help I can get x_x
  5. Grand Finals of NinjaCW (me) vs LordKnight - any critique would be appreciated. This is kinda old but my core game is still pretty much the same. I just know some better combos/set ups http://astralheat.com/video.php?do=viewdetails&videoid=60
  6. Not sure how alive this thread is but I'll post videos of me playing to get some help as I'm curious to how I'm progressing in general. Just need to know if anything I'm doing is working at all lol