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  1. They give you one when you place high in a major

  2. Alex073088

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    I hope lambda/ v-13. Or even a new sprite for her comes in the game. I truly mean that and i have never played lambda-11. Mu-12 honestly doesnt need to be in, she a head swap, playstyle is very straight forward and uninteresting, has some un fair projectile capablities, and has visually the work astral of the entire cast. V-13 is an orginal. Every orginal should be carried off to the next version.
  3. how do u get trophies? I got second and third a few times but one time It was at a stickbug tourney in new york last summer

  4. Only scrubs really mash it, I use it only when my defense/options aren't being respected, like a dp. it's not being mashed, I only mashed because pressing it once didn't seem to do anything. but wtv, to each his own view lol.

  5. Well you know, you cant mash or over use hakumens drive anymore in chrono phantasma Which Im kinda happy about.

  6. Yea i knew the third match had you salty, and the first yukikaze was a set up for the second to be honest with you. If I knew our connection was going to be a 2 I would've only done a ft5 lol, if I can't wake up 6d/2d/yukikaze or 6d/2d/yukikaze in the middle of someone's pressure let alone not being able to IB then I'm going to absolutely lose, since hakumen is all about punishment. But yea some of your setups would've been free offline, specifically frog oki on hakumen, never use it. Unless you're going for a grab before your frog explodes with lightning. Lol everytime you saw a counter in the middle of your pressure/oki it was because I had to furiously mash counters in order for them to come out, and it didn't register when I was blocking lol. But nevertheless I keep to my word and I added you anyways because we have, or rather, had a decent connection. And yes xbl is still fucking up. When it fixes we should try and have a real ft10 if our connection is goign to be 3 again lol

  7. dude xboxlive is still acting shitty, i tried sending messages and the shit kept freezing when I went to invite you. GGs thanks for giving me a chance to reclaim that loss in ranked match. Im mad at that third win you got, His drives recover a bit to fast man, and when I went to avoid that super when the pumpkin activated, I didnt wanna use wind so I tried to double jump and the prior wind usage kept me grounded still so I got hit =(. I worked hard for that all I had to do was breath on hakumen and he would have died. lol

  8. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Hit stop has been reduced greatly with every single character.
  9. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Is there an extensive change list for litchi? I checked the litchi sub forums and there was nothing listed in relations to BBCP.
  10. Alex073088

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lys3D8NhnUs&feature=g-vrec thought this was pretty funny,
  11. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Izuna Im and im sure all of us blazblue mains are very very greatful for you video recordings. Without you im sure we wouldnt have any footage, thanks so much for taking the time and risk to go out your way and gets us some footage. To rap up on hakumen: At the end of the day, if your character was changed by the devolopers its up to you as a player to remain loyal to that character or not based on how serious the changes were made. hakumen now compared to some other characters(Ct rachel to cs1 rachel) looks like he still very viable and playable with said drive nerfs. Its about character loyality at the end of the day. I would know I stuck it out as rachel each and every single version dealing with whatever favorable and not so favorable changes that came my way.
  12. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    that was some ct looking crap honestly, j.b, or the casual j.c wouldnt be so bad if it didnt give 100% curse into death, or that getting curse was harder or lacking in dmg.
  13. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Im trying to understand whats so bad about being able to properly bait a drive mashing hakumen, if there is projectile oki being used? And its about making the game balanced. Are you not happy they nerfed litchi's retarded oki from cs2? If what you stay stands, they we would still have ct rachel nu-13 and arakune. And I know its been a long time but dude playing against though characters was not fun at all. Lets say they did in fact only remotely buff, that still wont stop certain characters from abusing this that and the third against this characters. Making it so the person on the other end of the rape stick just has to deal with it. tager would never be truly viable if they only buffed. There so many things I cant tell you right now that mu-12 can abuse on rachel currently in extend, and I couldnt imagine having these issues everywhere. Your right, and you also seem to know what your talking about. Im glad we are having intellectual conversations on blazblue gameplay =). Gf im cool with, atleast you not put in a combo right away. even if they pull is the same, with it being hard to combo makes its pull fine. In general I think arakune's J.b should be tone down just a bit most characters have a hard time dealing with that normals.
  14. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    No matches arent 80/20 but, hakumen last time I checked, is still s tier in extend simply because of his mix-up with stars and damage output overall. Aided with his ablility to use drive and combo off it when its successfully used.(execpt jump.d which is 2000 dmg alone). They before anything regarding any other character need to fix carl. Nirvanna, she doesnt use enough meter for actions, and hitting her doesnt take a respectable amount of her gauge away when she is being abused by carl players. tao drive should most definitley have much more landing recovery, and im sure they are headed in that direction since many characters in p4u have landing recovery on certain air movement type moves(teddies drills, yosuke's aerial daggers.) Valkenhayn has already received a nerf in his drive from previous loketest though im not aware of how it factors into his movement. I definitley feel as though his wolf form shouldnt recharge right away. hazama I can agree with as well, they definitely need to add landing recovery to his drive movement so that as soon as he lands, hes gets spark bolt or punished. But its up to you since you there to give these types of considerations to the devolopment team in terms of those particular three characters move options which are available to them for an overwhelemingly large portion of the match. Thats solely based on one person using her, that shouldnt ever be used as a judgement of a characters viability(let alone streaks). Theres still many great things about her, mainly the fact that she has one of the best jump in normals in the game. characters is hard to anti air. And your really suggesting that tager is much better then makoto overall? They both have trouble in many of the exact same match-ups. The problem is his drive cannot be punished if baited correctly, those other reversals you mentioned all are punishable when baited and go through projectile oki. Not hakumens. Secondly as I mentioned above releasing his drive is hard to deal with against projectile oki or pressure making players have to give him way to much respect on the knockdown they earned. He still very much can use his drive(its always avaiable) immediatley on wakeup to get out of pressure, but if the opponent is doing nothing and its guarded then he his punished like every other character using a risky option on wake-up. Not even the fact that he gets out of pressure with it, he gets a combo off it without using meter. And he has other ways out when stars are available to him. Tell me why it shouldnt be toned down? Dont compare it to other character abilities because many other characters lost tool effectiveness over iterations. If no one else in the game has these kinda of options why should hakumen? That is the real question here. For the sake of being different? If thats the case why change rachels cat chair to 5 frame start-up so you dont have ever have to worry about her using it on any tech? why change it so haku cant mash j.d in pressure and get a combo off it? Why change daisheren so you cant combo off the last hit? Its for balance reasons. since the whole cast are diverse and there something one character can abuse on every single member they nerf it. That way every one is a happy camper, and no one feels cheated. It be right or valueable shouldnt be considered either its about making the overall game enjoyable to everyone overall. Also hakument doesnt have to sit there and block no more then ragna does with the drive nerfs.
  15. Alex073088

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I never mind discussing anything regarding player opinions of the game ^_^. Sometimes though I can be a bit aggressive when I feel as though people just say things and never back them up(give examples) Or, who dont seem to see examples I posted and try to object them. Fuumajin losing its active frames is fine, even if hakumen getting hit doesnt make the void disappear. Ever since cs1, having one of those there and actually hitting hakumen forces players to cut combos short or get hit while comboing hakumen. I just feel as though its no point of it still being there if he is being combo. As far as hakumen drive being blocked. There are a few characters where this mechanic completely alters that way they play. Those characters from the top of my head being rachel(frog oki), litchi(super oki), carl( anything puppet), relius(anything puppet) these characters use there tools to set-up there oppurtunities to force blocking on wake-up(litchi and rachel) since hakumen do D on wake-up this allows him to either jump out, tech roll, or something advantages to him while the character who scored that knockdown has very little options into baiting 5d besides grabbing or backing off. I for one just got use to the mechanic but if they are making it he does have to block on wakeup in those situations like every other character, or use a risky reversal still punishable if attempt is baited then I feel like its fine. It will in no way break hakumen.