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  1. Dumb question but...do you know what all Raven's Schwarz Wolken summon does? Like, does it have a movelist?

  2. Still looking to grab GG2 Soundtest Data (if it could be ripped from the game, I'd love to know how), and also Servant Movelists.

  3. Of course! Also because I don't know when it's you or your friend :P Also, if by the chance it happens that you send an invitation and i do not respond, and it looks like i'm playinf SF3, it means that it's not me but my roomate using my 360 :V Oh, and stop saying that I'm that strong, it's not true, and you wiped my ass last time!

  4. yo, if I see you online in the near future, would you mind a another go at GG2? hopefully, after some strategy research and practice, I can be a better match for you.

  5. yes, actually, the three pages i asked Fenrir werewolf were actually never translated. they are still on his page, and although I don't play GG2 regularly anymore, I'm thinking of challenging him again in that game. so please feel free to tackle the pages in question and translate them if you'd like. let me know if you complete any, it would be most appreciated.

  6. Excuse me I could help notice that on Fenrir Werwolf's profile you said that you needed some page translated, can I be of any help or is it done?

  7. Ah I see right on Ill check that combo out. Whenever you're on just let me know if you want to play.

  8. hey man, this is way late in response to what you posted on the GG2 thread, but yeah; please don't take me off your friends list just yet. I've recently been wanting to get into the game again. also, I don't ever see you on the game the few times I'm on xbox live all night in recent weeks. I assumed you dropped the game. the next time I'm on, I'll let you know when I see you on as well. anyway, here's my favorite Sol combo that I never told you about: (L) 4x, x, MC, 4x, x, MC, 4x, x, 2y, MC, x, x, Air Dash, x, x, 2y, MC, 8x. it does about 419 damage if I recall correctly. it eats tension like a mofo, but its the strongest combo in the game that I know of that doesn't involve an overdrive and is inescapable. if the opponent doesn't have tension to burst, they hurt badly. I stole the combo from Flame Master AJ in one of the few master only matches I had with him.

  9. Blackgenma

    Why does nobody play Guilty Gear 2: Overture?

    sure, I'm interested in the game's sale results. maybe a little off topic but what do you mean "thesis on Daisuke?" you wrote a paper on him or something?
  10. Blackgenma

    Why does nobody play Guilty Gear 2: Overture?

    are you sure about that? where did you here this? either way, there's actually a community for this game in japan. I don't know the sale figures over here in the US, but the game took quite a while for it to go down in price fully.
  11. Blackgenma

    Why does nobody play Guilty Gear 2: Overture?

    here's the GG2 Video thread you can find in the Guilty pleasures section of the forum. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?7935-GG2-video-thread
  12. Blackgenma

    Why does nobody play Guilty Gear 2: Overture?

    I'm not going to drag this out, but I would like to address this. I don't like being regarded as an idiot without the chance to clarify myself. to get it out of the way; yes, me jumping on your post was uncalled for, so sorry about that. I read your post throughly, multiple times. I called you out for accusing the director for shitting on fighting game fans by simple act of not releasing a fighting game; which is what 2 out of your 4 points are composed of, in part anyway he said and did nothing to insult the previous games like you say in your initial post (unless you consider him not creating a fighting game "insulting", in that case, more power to you.) if you want the exact lines I'm refering to, here "The way he said 'it's the game GG was meant to be in the first place' and the way he struck X onwards off the canon, was basically a complete "fuck you" to the actual current GG fanbase." and this line here, specifically the begining of it. "Daisuke's insults and insistance that he have his baby and that his Mary Sue lived on had a huge role in its inability to succeed." hating on the guy primarily because he didn't make a fighting game strikes me as very narrow minded. I'm free to point this out here, so yeah, I stand by that. I was also a big GG fan (though my skills were even more scrubby then they are now) and was intrigued because the game was different from stuff on the market, and that attracts me. take that as you will. as far as saying your stance on the gameplay is opinionated, its because your description of its..."problems" are extremely vague. you essentially just say action-RTS is a strange combination, and end of story. no real elaboration whatsoever. its akin to me saying "well, platforming games and action games don't mix well. some people just want to jump on stuff,while others just want to beat stuff up, so its awkward." clearly, there's not much to say about such a description. but whatever, you didn't like overture and your just saying why, that's cool. no need for in-depth discussion on something you don't care about. hopefully you won't regard this reply as "bullshit" this time around.
  13. Blackgenma

    Why does nobody play Guilty Gear 2: Overture?

    I can ignore the other parts of the post that I removed as they have more to do with opinion more than anything, but the comments left up there are rather daft. the bolded parts in particular. wanting to move the series in a different direction is some sort a blasphemous insult to the fighters? if story bothers you, x is still part of the game's plot, I don't know where you got the Idea that it wasn't. even if he did remove it from the plot , for whatever reason, that's a pretty...shallow reason to accuse him of saying "fuck you GG fans!" I don't see the logic around this perception. besides, I haven't' heard anyone else bitch about daisuke's personal comments on his project being one of the major detractors of its success. so whatever. 4 is irrelevant because it flopped and we have no GG fighter in sight. and they didn't boycott it because "OMG, WE'RE NEVER GETTING A FIGHTER AGAIN! FUCK!" it was more along the lines of "what is this shit, not wasting my money on it". 4 is exactly what I mentioned in my first post on the thread, from the game being difficult, to not being a fighter, and yadda yadda. last comment that's in bold. I guess I already covered that, his comments certainly aren't a reason the game bombed, especially when it wasn't anything insulting to begin with. its his fucking creative license, let him be innovative with it, he even stated he would continue both series if possible, so he never intended to give it the boot. dunno where you get this hostility from. I would comment on the gameplay and characters but I don't really care to at the moment, and its opinionated any who as I stated earlier.
  14. Blackgenma

    New Guilty Gear?

    I think the aim should be to retain the strategic depth while implementing a combination of simpler yet still practical execution and good presentation. removing a unique feature like FRC adds nothing to the game, it just makes it worse; easing the execution of some of the moves by adding frame buffers would make the the tactic more accessible while taking nothing away. you can also rely on the fact that a game doesn't have to be played at its utmost highest level of competition in order to be fun. I'm pretty terrible at GG AC but I enjoy it regardless. presenting these tools and strategies to players in a format the they can understand and holds their interest is also key. why most 2d fighters don't each players how to properly play them is beyond me.
  15. I commend you good sir. he mad.