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  1. The startup and recovery of Azami is making it look kinda weak so far. Haven't played the matchup yet, but players are still struggling to make optimal use of it, and opposing players have little reason to respect it. I can barely call Baiken a defensive character so far from the footage I've seen.
  2. So what's the verdict on people's impressions of Baiken and Answer, more so Baiken. She's looking kinda weak still in my opinion, haven't fought her yet though. Just going based off footage
  3. More Dizzy stuff:
  4. Did Johnny's 6k get nerfed, or is the move just useless against Slayer?
  5. I thought it was Anji.
  6. Baiken stuff, has the beginning of her story mode at the end:
  7. Answer Combos: I saw some stuff for Baiken, but it also includes the beginning of her story mode and what not, so I'll be posting it in the story forum. EDIT: Re2 Dizzy Combos:
  8. So... Rev2's intro is essentially a clash combo video...
  9. Even though I already have the Ky sculpture by Embrace Japan.. I'm gonna need this one too: Ky and Sol Diorama. Same company is also making one for Dizzy, just Dizzy though.
  10. For anyone who cares: I'm glad about the Raven changes, I felt ArcSys dropped the ball when it came to his design. Especially when in relation to his BDSM special and meter. I still feel it should get jacked up in accordance to the attack power of moves. Like, any character's 5p shouldn't be the equivalent of Sol using Fafnir on BDSM stance... Really curious about Ky's new 6hs, the current one is kinda useless outside of oki/pressure :/. Sol's 6hs looks like he's' trying to shovel you lol
  11. Aren't GG characters often encased in leather of some sort for the game titles?
  12. Sol got a new normal, like Ky?
  13. I was thinking the same thing, she seems to struggle against Ky's strong buttons and DC seems to make her summoning *very* difficult. In terms of both approaching and summoning as well. It feels like, when trading, Ky comes up with the advantage in the end. Glad to get a second input on the matchup.
  14. No, he had the same 6hs in GGX from what I recall.
  15. It's so pretty... o.o When you say old, you mean Missing Link?