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  1. Commentary on my matches against Millia would be great too: Thanks
  2. Not sure if you guys are aware of this but I'm guessing this channel is where Isamu plays, it has a lot of footage of him
  3. Can someone tell me who these players are and what arcade they're playing at? I'm subscribed to a number of GG channels, but I read moon speak :/ Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I was looking for some advice and critique on how I can improve my Ky. I recently got a game recorder so it's a lot easier for me now to upload more matches and at higher quality. I'm particularly looking for input on my matches against Ino, Kum, Potemkin especially, May, and Bedman. I really feel like my weakness in those matchups is because I don't know what's going on in neutral and how I should be positioning myself to react to certain things. And then, in the case of characters like Potemkin, Ino, and Bedman, I'm still not sure how to deal with their pressure in order to get out. I have other matches on my channel you guys are free to comment on as well BTW, but these are the ones I want to focus on the most at the moment. Looking forward to hearing some feedback from you guys. Here are most of them:
  5. I guess we'll be getting more Guild members playable in the future then eh?
  6. Is 2cave real or not, I got confused there at the end :/
  7. Out for North America
  8. What.....???!!!!!
  9. So I have a question as someone who is subbing Sol finally now. How exactly can I, and do I, end dustloops? I know it's stuff>j.d>j.d>fafnir, and then from there I've been doing microdash 6p>5hs>j.d>214d>DP. But I'm sure there are more efficient and simple combo routes at the end after fafnir. Also, what are the combo routes in the corner went starting hit is fafnir (CH), because the move doesn't have a tumble effect if done a second time. So in those situations I'm not sure what to do after 6p>5h>j.d>j.d>??? Thanks, and sorry if either this question, or the answer to my questions are in another thread. But I really appreciate the help.
  10. People (mostly casuals I'd say) don't like fighting against defensive characters nor watching them fight, because it's "boring". Just like grapple characters *stares at Potemkin*. Like how Mori struggled to balance Hakumen, and in CP completely revamped the "offensive" capabilities of his counter altogether, but that's a whole nother subject not made for this thread. Being someone who used to main Hakumen aside, I always loved watching Baiken's matches against the cast. There were so many mind games going on in her matches, her versus Jam where she could parry Baiken's counters, or her versus Anji where the match consisted of baiting each other into commit attacks and countering appropriately. Azami, in my opinion, has some very interesting utility that traditional countering may not offer. However, it takes way too long to activate, and has way too much recovery. It's so rarely used now at high level that I can barely even call her the defensive character of the series. Point blank wakeup supers can't even be countered by her, especially when she's on low health. But my opinion is kinda moot, I'm not playing in Japan and I haven't played against her yet, nor do I play her. Still curious what people have to say about her though.
  11. Holy fuck, I'm half way or so into the Rev2 story, the shit Sol was saying about Ky this whole time....
  12. So, I've only gotten a day with Ky in Rev2, and it was on a TV. So how do other Ky's feel about his new 6hs in comparison to his old one? This new one *feels* like it has more versatility than his old one. But just my opinion.
  13. The startup and recovery of Azami is making it look kinda weak so far. Haven't played the matchup yet, but players are still struggling to make optimal use of it, and opposing players have little reason to respect it. I can barely call Baiken a defensive character so far from the footage I've seen.
  14. So what's the verdict on people's impressions of Baiken and Answer, more so Baiken. She's looking kinda weak still in my opinion, haven't fought her yet though. Just going based off footage
  15. More Dizzy stuff: